Leather Terminology

My journey into the leather industry wasn’t as rosy as I had envisioned. For what began as a hobby, I had to learn on the job and commit to improving every day, from the workmanship to the quality of my leather.

And as a leather amateur at that time, not knowing the standard terms and grains used in the trade was a major setback.

Fortunately, with consistency, dedication, and 1000+ products later, I’ve come to learn a lot about leather, which led me first to write the 78 Leather Glossary Terms.

But today, I’ll take it a notch higher with an intensive leather terminology that explains these 78 (and many other) terms in detail, including:

  • Their in-depth definitions
  • Their synonyms
  • Other terms closely related to them
  • How to use them in a sentence


Leather Grades

Leather Finishes

Leather Tanning

Leather Types

Leather Hide

Other Leather Terms

Written by Ryan Popoff

Ryan Popoff is the creative mind behind Popov Leather wallets, iPhone cases, belts, watch bands and journals since 2013. With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, my leatherworking journey began at home. I wanted to create a simple leather wallet that could fit into my front pocket and — to my delight — it was a hit with family and friends. Hopefully you love our honest, quality leather goods too! Read more