Split Grain Leather


wallet made from split-grain leather

Leather Grades

Definition of Split Grain Leather

To achieve a reasonably manageable thickness, animal hides are typically cut into at least two layers. The layer closest to the animal’s flesh is called split-grain leather.

Split-grain leather doesn’t bear character marks or grains like the outermost layer of the hide. But it’s often embossed, coated, or sanded to take the appearance of natural leather.

Products made from split grain leather are not as durable as real leather products and won’t stand the test of time.

Some of the characteristics of this leather grade include: 

  • Plastic feel
  • Zero breathability
  • The signature fake leather scent
  • Pigments and dyes of a uniform color
  • Lack of variation and depth in color

cheaply coated split leather wallet peeling off

Example of Split Grain Leather in a Sentence

"Despite the leather bags being sold at a throw away price, we knew better not to buy them. They were made from cheap split grain leather that would wear out after a while."

Synonyms: split leather, genuine leather, finished split

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