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    Why pair it with just any band when our leather watch strap offers both comfort and a touch of class? Made from authentic USA full-grain leather, our strap is designed to grow with you. Over time, it matures, gaining a distinctive patina that captures moments from your everyday adventures. Every inch is hand-stitched using the sturdy Tiger Thread, ensuring it stays in one piece, no matter how often you wear it. Whether you prefer the understated matte black or the refined polished nickel, we’ve got a hardware finish to match your personal flair.

    Leather Two Piece Watch Band FAQs

    While it’s not a good idea to throw your leather watch strap in the washing machine, it is possible to clean your watch. 

    Use a gentle, microfiber cloth to prevent scratching. To clean the surface and wash away a little bit of dust or dirt, all you need is some water. Using a damp cloth, wipe the surface, and then leave it to air dry. 

    If you need to do a deep clean of your watch, or your find that cleaning it with water is drying it out, you can use cleaning products specially designed for cleaning leather

    Never use harsh cleaning products on top-grain leather. Chemicals like bleach, Chlorox, or even harsh soaps can degrade your leather and ruin it forever.

    While our leather watch bands are great for working out in — and even improve with a little sweat worked into the leather — they are not waterproof. 

    When leather gets soaked and then dries, the drying process leaches the oils from the leather. This leads to the leather drying out. It can become brittle and even crack. 

    While you probably don’t have to worry about a little sweat during a workout, or even wearing your watch on your wrist out in a little bit of rain, you don’t want to wear your Popov Leather watch strap swimming or working outside in the pouring rain.

    At Popov Leather, we believe in minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Since spring bars and watch pins can usually be kept for years, we don’t include those in your purchase of a leather watch band.

    However, if you do need some, we sell them separately here.

    It’s possible to change your own watch strap at home. 

    Start by finding a clean, flat surface. Lay down a soft cloth so that you don’t scratch your watch face while you’re changing out your strap. Then, lay your watch down on its face so you can see the back, unbuckling it so the current buckle lies flat. 

    Then, orient yourself with your new watch strap. 

    Your new strap comes in two pieces. The shorter piece will have the buckle attached, while the longer piece has holes in it to attach to the buckled piece. Lay these pieces underneath the same types of pieces on your existing watch strap so they’re parallel. This will help you fasten the new strap to the correct sides of your watch. 

    Next, you need to remove your old watch strap. Most straps are attached to watches using a telescoping, spring-loaded bar. Use a spring bar tool to maneuver these spring bars out of the watch strap. Make sure you have some sort of barrier set up; because spring bars are spring-loaded, they can easily fly off in any direction, and can quickly get lost in shaggy carpets or down vents. 

    Finally, place the spring bars in the replacement straps. Insert the bottom part of a spring bar into your watch face, then push on the top to telescope it into place. When you maneuver your strap into place and remove your spring bar tool, the telescoping spring bar should snap into place. 

    Do this to both sides of your strap, and you will have installed your new watch strap. 

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