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Definition of Boardy

Boardy is a term that’s sometimes used to describe stiff, inflexible, or non-pliable leather

This can result from: 

  • Mishandling a leather product
  • Storing leather in a compact environment that prevents movement and flexibility
  • Washing leather products in the washing machine 
  • Using harsh chemicals on the leather during tanning
  • Exposing leather to extreme temperatures or humidity

While these factors can contribute to having a boardy leather, some types of leather such as full-grain, are naturally more rigid and stiffer than others, like corrected grain.

Luckily, boardy leather can be easily avoided, first by using only high quality leather that’s perfectly tanned and finished. 

This is followed by storing and handling the leather in a way that promotes softness and flexibility, such as in a cool, dry spacious place, away from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Using a quality leather conditioner will also help to keep your leather product supple and soft.

Example of Boardy in a Sentence

"Nobody wants to buy boardy leather; it’s stiffness makes it difficult to manipulate."

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