Grain (Character)


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Definition of Grain (Character)

Grain is the composition and appearance of the hide; it’s simply the way the hide looks. It’s likened to wood grain, which describes the texture and appearance of wood fibers. 

The grain pattern is created by marks, scratches, hair follicles, and other imperfections visible on the animal skin, which are unique to every animal.

Leather’s grain is a crucial factor in determining its appearance, quality, and durability. 

High quality leathers have tighter, more consistent grain patterns, while leather types of lower quality have an inconsistent grain pattern.

During leather finishing, the grain pattern can be changed or enhanced through various techniques such as drawing, embossing, buffing, brushing, or sanding to create a desired final texture or appearance.

Example of Grain in a Sentence

"I love that leather belt’s grain; it’s smooth and is soft to the touch."

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