Blue Split Leather


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Definition of Blue Split Leather

Blue split leather is achieved when the hide or skin is split into two layers during chrome-tanning, and the flesh side of the hide used to make leather. 

It’s low quality leather, since it’s what is obtained after top grain leather has been removed. 

Oftentimes, the blue split leather is dyed and a coating added to its surface to enhance its durability and appearance. It can also be embossed or stamped using a leather-like texture to resemble real, full-grain leather.

Due to its poor quality, blue split leather is less durable and lacks the many characteristics of full-grain leather, such as, a rich, natural appearance, breathability, and leather patina.

This makes blue split leather cheaper than full-grain leather and ideal for making low-cost leather products or for less demanding leather applications like lining for leather handbags and shoes

Example of Blue Split Leather in a Sentence

"The blue split leather belt will be treated with wax and oil before it’s delivered to its buyer."

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