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Definition of Corrected Grain Leather

Corrected grain leather refers to the tanned hides that are sanded down or buffed because of their visible scratches, scarring, and other blemishes for a more uniform look.

It comes from the topmost part of the hide, the same section where the full-grain leather is split. This makes it equally durable. (Though the buffing of its surface may interfere with its natural softness).

And since corrected grain can refer to leather with some light sanding to remove flaws or leather with the topmost layer entirely buffed off and an artificial layer embossed, there’s always variation in quality.

You’ll find different grades of corrected leather depending on the degree of correction on the hide’s surface. Generally, the fewer the corrections done, the better the grade.

Some of the common types of corrected grain leather include:

  • Embossed Corrected Grain: An imitation print stamped over top grain leather with a plating press using pressure and high heat. A major example is snake or alligator leather.
  • Smooth Corrected Grain: Popular with formal shoes and is buffed to a glass-like appearance.
  • Horween Chromexcel Leather: One of Horween Leather’s best-sellers. It’s corrected, but just so little to leave part of the grain on the leather. And despite being pigmented with color, it will still develop a rich leather patina with time.

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Example of Corrected Grain Leather in a Sentence

"It's been three years since I got my leather journal cover. But it still looks as good as new because it’s made from quality, corrected grain leather."

Synonyms: genuine leather, altered leather

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