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Definition of Re-Tanned Leather

Re-tanned leather is leather that has previously been tanned and then subjected to additional tanning.

In most cases, the leather’s first tanning (also called primary tanning) is not enough to maintain the desired characteristics that a customer specifies. It’s, therefore, re-tanned.

Tannins used in the re-tanning process can differ from those used during the first tanning process. 

For instance, most hides that are chrome-tanned are re-tanned using vegetable tanning in a process called combination tanning.

Re-tanning affects the leather’s softness, fullness, dyeability, light fastness, and grain stability.

By adjusting the multiple variables in the different combinations, a manufacturer can create an infinite number of unique leathers. 

For firmer leather, for example, a vegetable extract will be added during the re-tanning process. 

On the other hand, softer, more stretchy leather will need additional fat liquors and a longer soaking period during re-tanning.

Example of Re-tanned Leather in a Sentence

"He loves using re-tanned leather to make his belts and wallets."

Synonyms: combination-tanned leather

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