Whole Hide Leather


whole hide leather

Leather Hide

Definition of Whole Hide Leather

Whole hide leather refers to the animal’s entire skinned and tanned hide. It comprises all the areas from the different related cuts and thus has a varying thickness, weight, and color. 

Example of Whole Hide Leather in a Sentence

"These whole hides have the rich signature smell that makes real leather recognizable."

Synonyms: full hide leather

Related Terms for Whole Hide Leather

Since the different parts of the hide vary in durability, strength, and flexibility, some parts of the hide are more suitable for use than others. 

Check out the differences between the leather hide parts in the table below, where I compare their quality and the percentage of leather derived from them when making a product.

Leather Hide Part Quality Number Percentage Used During Production
Bend/Butt 1 45–50%
Shoulder 2 12–15%
Neck 3 8–10%
Shanks/Flanks 4 5–8%
Belly 5 15–17%