Chromium Salts


chromium (III) oxide in powder form

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Definition of Chromium Salts

Chromium salts are a group of mineral tannins that are used in chrome-tanning. They stabilize leather by cross-linking collagen fibers.

About 85–90% of leather globally is tanned with chrome-tanned, thanks to chromium salts’ positive characteristics, such as: 

  • They’re extremely versatile, hence can be used with any type of skin and hide. 
  • Using them is safe, precise, and simple.
  • They have a short processing time compared to other tanning agents.

Chromium (III) salts are considered harmless to human health and are actually safe for consumption (drinking water can contain up to 50 micrograms of Chromium (III) oxide). 

Example of Chromium Salts in a Sentence

"We solely tan our leather with chromium salts."

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