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Definition of Semi-Aniline Leather

Semi-aniline leather is leather that’s been treated with soluble dyes and a thin protective coating to improve its durability and balance out its final look.

Semi-aniline finishes are usually applied to full-grain leather and other quality leathers with nice, even surfaces, as this blends well with the soluble dyes and gives the products a high-quality look.

While the light finish will leave the leather exposed like in an aniline finish, it adds a protective layer that makes the leather more durable and resistant to stains and scratches. 

But even with the protective coating, the pores are still visible, implying that the leather will be breathable.

clearly visible pores in semi-aniline leather

A semi-aniline finish is perfect for leather enthusiasts who want high-quality leather products without maintenance. Since it’s full-grain leather with a protective finish, it will provide a lifetime service, even with constant wear.

And because a semi-aniline finish is similar to an aniline finish, it’s only right to compare the two to see the best option for your leather.

Aniline Finish Semi-Aniline Finish
Lacks a protective coating Has a thin layer of protective coating
Soft and supple to touch Less soft due to the coating
Visible color variations throughout the leather Has a more uniform appearance
Durable A more durable version of aniline leather

Example of Semi-Aniline Leather in a Sentence

"This desk pad is made from semi-aniline leather and comes in two shades: brown and tan." 

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