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Definition of Full Hand

Full hand is the term used to describe the texture and feel of leather.

Leather with a full-hand is one that's soft and supple, with an irresistibly smooth, velvet-like texture (which most leather enthusiasts actually find irresistible). 

Full hand leather is generally used to make high-quality leather products often characterized by a unique feel, texture, and appearance.

There are several factors known to affect leather's full hand, including:

  • The tanning process that was used to cure the leather: Some tanning processes have very harsh chemicals known to make leather stiffer
  • The breed of the animal used to make the leather: Older bovine animals generally have a tougher skin than young caves and goats.
  • The finish process used on the leather: Leather finishes can intentionally make products feel tougher in order to create the intended product.

The full hand of leather is a crucial determinant of its quality. Leathers with a full hand are highly sought after and used to make durable, high-end luxury leather products such as wallets, totes and shoes.

Such leather products are often robust and full-bodied, having slightly swelled through tannage and fat-liquoring.

Example of Full Hand in a Sentence

"I love full hand leather bags. They’re thick and comfortable to touch."

Synonyms: round hand, full round hand

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