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Definition of Chrome Tanned Leather

Chrome tanned leather is the leather produced using chrome tanning, whereby chromium salts are used to preserve animals’ skin before they’re converted into leather.

The result is a more supple and flexible leather with an improved water resistance than vegetable-tanned leather.

Chrome tanned leather can be dyed in multiple colors, making it an excellent option for customers looking to diversify their leather color range. 

The color remains uniform and will less likely darken or deepen in age, unless it gets dirty or you darken it on purpose.

Chrome tanned leather is used in almost every type of leather goods and features excellent characteristics such as: 

  • Available in a wide variety of colors and textures
  • Super durable and rich looking
  • Softer and thinner than any other tanned leather
  • Strong resistance to heat, stains, and water
  • Color changes and evolves throughout the product’s lifespan

One of the greatest challenges of chrome-tanned leather lies in its production process. Chrome tanning is believed to have a negative environmental impact; the toxic wastewater can sip into the ground and affect groundwater and soil quality.

This is particularly true for small to medium-sized tanneries in developing countries, where little, if any, restrictions are placed on the tanning process.

For large tanneries in Europe and the USA, the environmental impact of chrome-tanning is greatly minimized. 

This is because of the strict regulations and the improved technology used that reduces damage to the environment.

Example of Chrome Tanned Leather in a Sentence

"The highly chrome tanned leather fibers and natural rubber content gives the product its excellent strength." 

Synonyms: mineral tanned leather

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