Popov Leather Editorial Policy

Policy Purpose

Our team at Popov Leather comprises dedicated industry experts and professional writers intent on delivering reliable and honest information.

This policy serves to establish guidelines and adhere to recognised industry standards for the creation and publication of relevant content.

We work closely with our designers and quality-check each product. As a result, our team delivers fact-driven information that enhances the user experience of our high-quality leather products.

Editorial Integrity

All content published by Popov Leather is the result of diligent research, relevant writing expertise, and practical industry knowledge.

Our team prides itself on credible content attained through research and industry know-how. We make every effort to maintain human relevance in a space increasingly characterised by AI, only publishing content from approved, experienced writers.

We ensure all information is regularly reviewed and updated to stay relevant to new tannery procedures, products, and trends.

Editing and Fact-checking

Popov Leather’s product designers work closely with our writers to ensure the credibility of information published on our platforms.

Each published piece is reviewed and edited with particular attention to coherence and the integrity of facts so our customers can be sure that all published information is accurate.

Relevance and Value

All information released onto our site will correspond, but won’t be limited to, matters of functionality, durability, and aesthetics relevant to the products we supply.

We aim to provide expert advice and tips on usability and maintenance to ensure that our customers get the most out of our products.


Our content is reviewed by our team of production experts, ensuring information is concise, transparent, fair, and compliant with the relevant laws of Canada.

We will disclose any relationships or affiliations with external sources, partners, and individuals duly mentioned across our platforms.


The tannery industry is large and varied. Diversity, inclusivity, and minority representation are integral to our high publishing standards.

We welcome diverse opinions and reasonable rebuttals to our published content.

We encourage readers who come across any form of bias, discriminatory language, or erroneous content to use our well-established, transparent process for rebuttals, which is detailed below:

  • Rebuttals should identify the article in question and be directed to our editorial team.
  • Our editorial team will review the article for defamation, incorrect information, or offensive viewpoints.
  • Should there be a need to amend the original article, the editorial team will publish the amendment and identify the amendment for full transparency.

Plagiarism and Copyright

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

We only publish content that has been written by our industry experts or approved writing professionals.

Our team adheres to rigorous copyright laws by taking the appropriate steps and obtaining permission before using third-party materials.

Published pieces must pass our diligent process of fact-checking for any indications of plagiarism.

Customer Privacy and Security

When you use our website, we collect technical data which is tailored to your specific needs and aids us in delivering relevant content. The goal of this data collection is to enhance the end-user experience.

(Read more about this in our Privacy Policy.)

Our writers adhere to best practices and industry standards by complying with legal and ethical systems related to personal data use and exercising open access policies.

All information is handled with utmost privacy, and sharing of personal data is strictly prohibited.

Customer Engagement

Through years of product development and customer care experience, we know customer feedback is the most effective way to refine our product and improve our services.

We encourage all our clients and readers to provide honest and unbiased reviews, which we publish on our platforms and regularly monitor to ensure we remain relevant and innovative.

Our editorial team may occasionally read, use, and publish these reviews — in their entirety or not — in support of pertinent articles. The reviews will not be edited in any way that alters the meaning of the original content.

Code of Conduct

We take pride in our business. All information we release is integral to our service and has been attained by credible means.

Violation of this editorial policy will attract consequences, such as, but not limited to:

  • Suspension
  • Content removal
  • Disciplinary hearing
  • Dismissal of contract

Review and Revision

This editorial policy serves as a guideline for internal content.

We regularly revise it to stay up-to-date with industry trends and to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers and employees.