Deerskin Leather


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Definition of Deerskin Leather

Deerskin leather is a soft leather made from the hides of a deer. 

It dates back to the early centuries when Native Americans tanned deer hides by smoking using woodsmoke. The hides were referred to as buckskins, and they provided clothing, shelter, and protection for feet.

Deerskin leather is incredibly strong, yet one of the softest leather available. Its elongated, interwoven fibers make it sturdy and resistant to abrasion and tears, while the spaces between its fibers make it soft and comfortable for use in different temperatures.

However, producing deerskin leather is an intense process that takes much time and resources, which explains why it’s rarely mass-produced.

Example of Deerskin Leather in a Sentence

"Tanned deerskin leather can be used by manufacturers to add reinforcement to leather strips."

Synonyms: buckskin leather

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