Naked Leather

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Definition of Naked Leather 

Naked leather is a leather that hasn’t had a finish or treatment applied to it that may mask or alter its natural state after it’s tanned.

This lack of finish allows the natural oils to settle on the leather’s surface, keeping the material moist and naturally conditioned. That’s why naked leather products are incredibly soft and comfortable.

On the downside, moisture can easily penetrate naked leather, and if it gets too saturated, it will become stiff when dry and eventually crack or wrinkle. 

Example of Naked Leather in a Sentence

"Unlike treated and finished leather, naked leather does not repel water."

Related Terms for Naked Leather

Expert Tip: Never toss your real leather wallet or any other leather accessory into a washing machine, no matter how dirty. Real leather, including naked leather, is breathable, hence will absorb water, eventually damaging it.

And the chemicals in your washing machine will leach the leather product from its natural oils, leaving your wallet feeling dry.

But if your leather accessory tumbles through your washing machine accidentally, salvage it by following the steps I outline in the article - What Happens if My Leather Wallet Goes Through the Washing Machine?

These steps will work for all leather accessories, from phone cases to dog collars and leashes.

Only that they must be made from real leather. Products made using the lowest leather grades, or faux leather, won’t stand a chance.

Written by Ryan Popoff

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