Laminated Leather


ongoing lamination process on split leather

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Definition of Laminated Leather

Laminated leather is leather with an added surface layer of plastic, a thin metal foil, or other material to give the hide a more or less glossy appearance, depending on the desired effects.

Leather is often laminated for three major reasons: 

  • To make the material waterproof
  • To give it the look and feel of a particular leather 
  • To enhance its durability so it can last longer

The lamination process involves specific machines able to heat at high temperatures to allow a perfect anchoring of the metal foil to the leather. 

The metal foil, normally a few microns thick, is then transferred uniformly on the leather or in a way to create patterns, depending on the manufacturer’s preference. 

laminated leather bag

Any animal skin can be laminated, including printed ones, to produce very specific effects. 

Example of Laminated Leather in a Sentence

"Laminated leather gives a high-end purse a glossy finish."

Synonyms: metallic leather, coated leather 

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