Drawn Grain


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Definition of Drawn Grain

Drawn grain is a leather finishing technique whereby the leather’s grain is artificially altered or improved to create a desired appearance.

The finishing involves drawing the leather grain using a tool that gives the leather surface a certain design or pattern.

This simple technique can be used to create various textures and patterns on the leather’s surface, from elaborate cross-hatch designs to more complicated abstract patterns.

Drawn grain finish can be used to improve the natural beauty of a finished leather product, or create a particular aesthetic desired for a specific product.

Leather that’s finished using a draw grain finish is referred to as drawn grain leather. Its unique, visually appealing patterns makes it highly prized and a top choice for high end leather wallets, bags, and belts.

Example of Drawn Grain in a Sentence

"Most of her leather wallets have an impressive drawn grain finish."

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