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Definition of PU Leather

PU (polyurethane) leather is an artificial leather alternative made of polymer plastic, polyurethane.

The most popular way of creating PU leather is laminating a polyester fiber base with a polyurethane coating to resemble top-grain leather.

But it’s also possible to make PU leather using real leather. In this case, split grain leather becomes the base, and then it's laminated with a polyurethane coating. This type of leather is referred to as bicast or semi-synthetic leather.

PU leather generally has the same texture as real leather (animal skin), only that it’s lighter, less durable, and tends to tear easily.

Besides, real leather develops a rich patina that improves its appearance as it ages. This is not the case for PU leather, a man-made material that can’t form a patina.

Example of PU Leather in a Sentence

"The woman was holding an iPhone case and watch strap, both made from cheap PU leather."

Synonyms: synthetic leather, faux leather, artificial leather

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