Shrunken Grain Leather


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Definition of Shrunken Grain Leather

Shrunken grain leather is leather that’s specially chrome-tanned to shrink the grain layer, giving it a unique, shrunken grain pattern.

Creating this type of leather entails shrinking the leather’s surface layer, which results in pulling the surface closer together, forming a tight, wrinkled grain pattern. This subsequently leads to a much more visible and deeper grain.

The shrinking process can be attained by applying a chemical treatment to the leather or subjecting the leather to steam or water.

The final result is a leather with a distinctive appearance characterized by a bumpy texture and a compact, shrunken grain pattern.

The leather’s sporadic and distinct texture creates a durable, yet soft touch, making the product truly unique.

Shrunken grain leather is majorly used to make premium leather goods and accessories like jackets, shoes and handbags where the unique texture and grain pattern are highly considered as part of the design.

Example of Shrunken Grain Leather in a Sentence

"Those leather shoes made of shrunken grain leather shoes are always warm, as if they’ve been sitting in spring sunshine."

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