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Definition of Base Coat

A base coat simply refers to the first coat that's added to a leather surface during the leather finishing process. 

How the leather manufacturer applies the coat will greatly determine the final feel and look of the product.

There are many reasons why a base coat is applied to the leather’s surface, including to: 

  • Improve the final look of the leather product
  • Add a protective layer to the leather against mildew, dust, and moisture
  • Make the leather more durable to make it last longer

The base coat's composition depends on the finish desired and the type of leather used. For instance, if the product needs to have a glossy, velvety finish, then the base coat will have more pigments and resins content than a base coat for a matte finish.

The type of base coat and the finishing method used will also hugely impact the product’s durability and final appearance. 

An expertly applied base coat will enhance the overall lifespan and quality of the finished leather item, while a poorly applied base coat may lead to discoloration, peeling, or cracking as the leather product ages.

Example of Base Coat in a Sentence

"Ensure the base coat has thoroughly dried before adding your desired finish to the leather surface."

Synonyms: tie coat

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