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Leather Moleskine Large Notebook Cover - Natural Popov Leather
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    All our leather bound notebook covers and hand-crafted right here in Nelson, BC Canada.

    Bring your leather notebook from field to office without skipping a beat when you invest in a full-grain leather notebook cover. Like all products made with high-quality leather, your heritage-quality notebook cover will develop a rich patina over time, carrying its history with it as you move it from notebook to notebook over the course of your lifetime.

    The right notebook is like a good friend: reliable, helpful, and always there when you need it. Treat yourself to premium leather, hand-stitching and the comfort of having a lifetime cover for all your important thoughts.

    Each cover can be customized with your choice of leather, thread and personalization. Every cover also features a built-in pen loop made which holds most pens.

    Popov Leather hand-crafts a variety of leather covers designed to fit many popular notebooks. If you're looking for a large format book, our A5 Leather Journal is our largest cover and fits refillable journals such as Leuchtturm1917, Hobonichi Cousin or our own Note Keeper A5 Journal.

    Loyal to a particular brand? We also make leather covers for popular Moleskine and Field Notes journals.

    A handsome, high-quality notebook cover has the potential to last a lifetime (in fact, we guarantee it). Instead of wondering whether you’ll find a notebook you like the look of, you can make a one-time investment in a style you love and never have to think about it again.  

    High-quality full-grain leather looks stylish in any environment. Whether you’re taking your notebook to school, the office, or the field, your notebook cover is sure to fit in while ensuring you stand out. Your favorite notebook cover can grow with you over the years, its rich patina recording its history every bit as much as the words you write on its pages. 

    And notebook covers do more than notebooks alone. Our leather notebook covers come equipped with places to hold credit cards, debit cards, or business cards. If you’re running out the door to do field research, you can just slide what you need for the day into your notebook cover instead of carrying a bulky wallet or purse in addition to your notebook. 

    Our notebook covers also have a pen holder built-in, so you never have to worry about where your favorite pen has wandered off to. 

    As with any leather product, your leather notebook cover does require a little TLC to stay in top condition. 

    If you notice that it’s getting dirty, you can start by wiping your notebook cover down with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals; just use water for base cleanings. Let your leather journal cover air-dry. 

    For deeper cleans, consider purchasing a moisturizing balm specifically designed for leather. This will help you clean your leather product safely while also replenishing some of the natural oils that may have leached out of the leather, keeping it supple for years to come.

    You can use any pen you want with your A5 journal cover. 

    Keep in mind that some pens may be more prone to dripping ink than other pens. If you don’t like the idea of ink droplets on your leather notebook, look for a pen with a cap or consider investing in a pen sleeve for your pen instead.

    Our A5 notebook covers are designed to fit standard A5-size notebooks. 

    For your convenience, we offer A5 Notebooks right on our site. However, you can also choose a sketch pad or even a planner as long as it is marked as being A5 size. We have specifically tested this notebook cover with the following A5 notebooks: 

    - Rhodiarama Hard Cover
    - Hobonichi Techo Cousin,
    - Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook
    - Clairefontaine A5 Notebook
    - Note Keeper A5 Journal

    Tom, a verified buyer, confirms that he’s used it with multiple A5 journals: 

    “It will fit Leuchtturm1917, /Bullet/Journal, Rhodia and TomoeRiver Notebook all in the A5 sizes.”

    While you can choose any A5 notebook to go inside your notebook cover, keep in mind that spiral-bound notebooks may create a unique patina on the spine of your notebook cover over time. If you don’t like that particular patina, you might choose a traditional tape-bound journal instead.

    Larger than Life
    A5 Leather Notebook Covers

    Our largest leather cover that fits a variety of large format notebooks such as the Rhodiarama Hard Cover, Hobonichi Cousin, Leuchtturm1917, Clairefontaine, and of course, our own Note Keeper A5 Notebook.

    Protect your cover
    Leather Field Notes Covers

    Our full-grain leather covers will protect your Field Notes Memo Books for as long as you want to store them. Take your scribbles, notes and drawings on the go with this compact leather bound cover.

    Moleskine Notebook Covers

    This popular brand gets a stunning make-over in our full-grain leather. These covers feature a back-pocket slit to accommodate notebooks' elastic.

    Personalized Leather
    A6 Covers

    Our A6 Notebook Covers fit a variety of notebooks including the Hobonichi Techo planner, Stalogy 365Days Notebook, and Midori MD Notebook.

    Secure Leather
    Pen Cases

    Don't forget about a notebook's best friend: the pen. Whether you own a grail fountain pen or a specialty mechanical pencil; they will have a special home in our leather pen cases.

    Leatherbound Notebook Covers That Get Better as they Age (Just like you!)

    We only use high-quality full-grain leather, which means your leather notebook cover will only get better the more you use it. The patina that begins to develop on your cover will be a record-keeper of all the places you've traveled and how you carry your notebook with you along the way.

    Read about how much Popov Leather (and it's customers) adore patina here.

    Horween Heritage Brown Leather
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