Leather Types

Definition of  Pleather

Pleather is a slang term for plastic leather, which is made by bonding plastic, PVC or polyurethane, to a fabric backing. 

It’s light in weight and often used as a cheaper substitute for real leather.

The PVC version of pleather does not breathe, and can be super hard to clean. This kind of pleather is not often used for products or accessories that come in contact with the skin, such as watch bands and dog leashes.

The polyurethane version, on the other hand, is normally more flexible, softer to touch, and slightly breathable. It can also be dry cleaned, and supposedly more durable and long lasting than PVC pleather. 

However, like any other imitation leather, pleather does not develop the same luster and patina as it ages, like real leather.

Example of Pleather in a Sentence

"Most cheap “leather” products are actually pleather, which are lightly constructed and not built to last."

Synonyms: plastic leather

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