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Definition of Bating

Bating is one of the multiple processes a hide goes through before it’s tanned. It involves treating the hide with enzymes to soften it while maintaining its firmness and flexibility.

During bating, the enzymes break down the hide’s proteins, making it soft and more receptive to tanning.

The bating time depends on the level of softness desired from the leather being manufactured. The softer the leather is needed, the longer the bating process.

Did You Know?

In the past, bating of leather was done using dog feces and bird droppings. This only changed after the development of industrially produced chemicals that are now used to break down the hide’s proteins and soften them to the degree desired.

Example of Bating in a Sentence

"Low temperature bating, retanning, and buffing were some of the processes used in transforming the pigskin into a buffed leather bag."

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