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Definition of Brushed Leather

Brushed leather is a type of leather whereby the grains on its surface go through sanding or brushing to raise its protein fibers, giving the leather an overall fine, velvety finish.

The brushing process hides natural marks on the leather surface which are often considered imperfections to give the leather a distinctive look and feel.

Brushed leather is extremely versatile and easy to create. It can be made by hand or using a specialized machinery, and blends perfectly with various types of leather, such as full-grain, corrected grain, or split leather.

Most manufacturers use brushed leather for handbags, shoes, and wallets. It comes in multiple colors and finishes, and is mostly known for its flexibility, pliability and durability.

However, brushed leather also needs a higher level of maintenance due to its exposed fiber structures.

Example of Brushed Leather in a Sentence

"Her hands sank into the softness of her brushed leather bag."

Synonyms: nubuck

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