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Definition of Enhanced Grain

In simple terms, enhanced grain involves artificially embossing leather to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

In enhanced grain, the leather's surface goes through a treatment procedure that removes imperfections, leaving it with a better texture and pattern, as desired by the manufacturer or final buyer of the leather product. 

Enhancing (or improving) the leather’s grain may be through exerting pressure or heat on the leather, or using a stamp or roller to create the required pattern.

Enhanced grain leather is common with leather products like handbags, upholsteries, and shoes, where having a natural grain pattern is a crucial design element. 

The durability and quality of enhanced grain depends on a number of factors, such as the enhancing grain process used, the type of leather used, and materials used when finishing and coating the leather.

Example of Enhanced Grain in a Sentence

"Karen only has eyes for the finest leather shoes. That’s why she opted for enhanced grain after discovering full-leather was out of stock."

Synonyms: corrected grain

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