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Definition of Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather is leather with the grain’s surface lightly sanded to produce an even, smooth texture with a velvety, lustrous look and feel.

Like corrected grain, nubuck leather is made from the hide’s top grain, making it another durable leather option.

Grease, wax, or oils are sometimes applied to the leather, which is why it’s also called oil nubucks.

Did You Know?

It’s believed that the term “nubuck” was derived from “buckskin.” Bucks are male deers, and their hides or skins were referred to as buck skins or buckskin. The theory is that the words new and buckskin were shortened to become “nubuck.”

Example of Nubuck Leather in a Sentence

"To ensure your nubuck leather boots last long, gently wipe them with a cloth dipped in warm water with a mild detergent."

Synonyms: velvet suede

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