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Leather Hide

Definition of Hide

The term hide is derived from the German word “haut,” which means skin. It’s generally the material that results from processing animal skins, which after several workmanship, reaches a stage they can be used for production of goods relevant to man. 

Hide also refers to leather made from the skin of mature or fully grown animals like buffalos, cows, and oxen, whether they have or lack animal hair on their surfaces. This leather is treated for human use but not yet cut to size.

Some of the key characteristics of a leather hide include: 

  • Exceptional resistance: It's a durable material that can withstand regular use which makes it resistant to tear
  • Breathable: Unlike plastic or rubber, leather hide is contains pores that allow air passage, making it breathable and comfortable
  • Waste material: Leather hides are the wastes derived from the skins of cattles, sheep, and pigs which would have been otherwise discarded
  • Ages well: Leather hides do not deteriorate as they get older; they only get better with time as they develop a rich patina

 Example of Hide in a Sentence

"Jason’s dad collects animal hides in the tannery then supplies them to leathercrafters."

Synonyms: skin

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