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Definition of Embossed Leather

Once the topmost part of the leather is buffed or sanded down as in corrected grain leather, it becomes soft and bland.

But this correction becomes a blessing in disguise since the degrained leather opens a world of possibilities for embossing the leather and applying decorative finishes.

Artificial patterns, letters, or textures are imprinted on the leather’s surface using heat and high pressure to create embossed leather.

This can be achieved through molding, rolling, stamping, or pressing the leather.

Leather is embossed for two major reasons: 

  1. Embossing makes it possible to mimic grains seen on exotic leather without spending a fortune. This makes it an affordable alternative to converting rare animal skins like alligators and crocodiles (that are difficult to work with) to leather.
  2. Embossing enables imprinting patterns not commonly seen in nature, as with these stunning Popov Leather Coasters.

"Love the story that accompanies each coaster from the unique markings to the seasonal landscapes. I can tell these are going to age well and tell more stories over time..." Jennifer K, Verified Buyer

Example of Embossed Leather in a Sentence

"His lavishly embossed leather coasters made the table presentation more appealing."

Synonyms: corrected leather

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