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Definition of Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather derives its name from the layer of colored pigment applied to the leather surface as a finish.

a cross section of a pigmented leather

The finish, a resin-based pigment, is a heavier material that masks the blemishes of the full-grain leather while maintaining the leather’s natural look and feel.

The heavy layering makes the leather consistent, blemish-free, and resistant to stains and UV rays.

And since the pigment adds a protective layer, pigmented leather is more durable and resistant to fading and scratching than other non-pigmented leather finishes.

The major downside to this leather is that the heavy finish will hide the leather’s natural color and pores, which may reduce its breathability.

It’s also not as soft to the touch as full-grain leather. But its stiffness and thicker topcoat makes it strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

This sturdiness makes such leather ideal for everyday accessories like wallets and watch bands.

Example of Pigmented Leather in a Sentence

"His highly pigmented leather wallet doesn’t show the hide’s original scars or scratches at all."

Synonyms: finished leather

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