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Definition of Blues In The Leather

“Blues” in the leather is a term used to describe different scenarios that give leather a characteristic blue color.

First, it can be used to describe the state of hides that have been tanned using chromium salts to preserve them. Their bluish coloring is produced by the chrome tanning agents used in the process.

See more in wet blue leather.

leather tanned with chromium salts

Blues in the leather can also refer to the discoloration occurring on a leather’s surface as the leather is exposed to chemicals and/or light.

When certain chemicals, such as adhesives or solvents, are used in the leather finishing or manufacturing process, they may react with the leather, causing stains or discolorations that are very difficult to remove.

Exposure to sunlight or artificial light for a long time will also cause the leather to fade or discolor, giving it a distinct blue appearance.

Blues in leather caused by chemicals or exposure to sunlight can be prevented by using quality leather that’s been appropriately tanned and finished, and by taking necessary measures to protect the leather product from chemical and light exposure.

This could be as simple as using shades or protective covering rather than exposing it to direct sunlight, or storing it away from chemicals to minimize the chances of a reaction.

Synonyms: in the blues, wet blue leather

Example of Blues In The Leather in a Sentence

"A manufacturer can decide to retain the blues in the leather after chrome tanning or give the hides a new look by bleaching them before drum dyeing them with a colored dye."

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