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Definition of Degrained Leather

Degrained leather is leather with the grain layer removed towards the end of the production process through abrasion, splitting, or sanding.

It leaves the leather product with a smooth, consistent surface that looks uniform and attractive.

As a result of degraining, the leather ends up with a matte finish that is soft and pliable. This makes it ideal for use in high-end wallets, handbags, phone cases, belts and watch bands.

An advantage for using degrained leather in consumer goods, such as those listed previously, is that it is easier to dye than other types of leather, making it possible to achieve a far more vibrant color and a consistent look; the dye is able to more easily penetrate the surface layer.

It's less prone to scratches and blemishes. In fact, these often add to the character of the piece. Imagine how often a phone case and wallet are handled? Well, degrained leather is ideal in this situation.

But removing the top layer of the leather also weakens its outer surface, making the product susceptible to wear and moisture penetration. Degrained leather is less durable than grain leather, as some of its natural strength is understandably weakened in the abrasion/splitting/sanding process.

Consider how water leaves a stain on natural, matte leather, and then imagine how oil would look! Even worse.

Example of Degrained Leather in a Sentence

"That baseball is made from degrained leather. No wonder it’s only 15 bucks."

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