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The different parts of a leather hide vary in color, texture, and thickness.

The belly, for instance, is thin with loose fiber structures, while the bend is the thickest and the firmest part of the hide.

different parts of a leather hide

  • Back Leather Cut: An entire piece that extends from the top of the shoulder to the lower butt. It’s primarily used for leather products that need length and durability but with the least amount of waste.
  • Belly Leather Cut: A long and narrow part of the hide. Its fibers are a little softer and looser than other parts of the hides.

    This part is often considered the “waste” section of the hide, hence is used on the most hidden parts of a leather product.

  • Bend Leather Cut: Considered one of the precious parts of the leather hide. It’s the firmest and the thickest part of the hide, usually 2–4 ounces thicker than other parts of the hide.

    Many manufacturers prefer the bend leather cut to other hide parts due to its appropriate size and ease of handling.

  • Neck Leather Cut: The third in quality when it comes to hide parts and can have visible marks, scratches, and fat wrinkles.

    Manufacturers may try to smooth out these wrinkles, but they may still be visible on the final product depending on the animal’s age.

  • Side Leather Cut: Generally, it’s half of the hide cut vertically along the middle. Leather derived from this part varies in character, thickness, and texture.
  • Shoulder Leather Cut: The second-best portion of the hide. It’s thick, strong, and with excellent durability. However, its products tend to crease easily since this part is affected by the animal’s head movement.

    It may also contain growth marks, which can be regarded as imperfections and sanded down when finishing.

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