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Definition of Exotic Leather

Exotic leather refers to two types of leather: 

  • Leather derived from skin parts of animals that are rarely processed into leather like chicken legs or cow belly
  • Leather from rare animal species like alligators, antelopes, and kangaroos

Exotic leather products are unique due to their look, texture, and color, which makes them more valuable. 

But in terms of durability, quality, or resistance, they aren’t superior to regular leather extracted from cow hides or sheepskin.

Some animal species considered to produce exotic leather include: 

  • Snake skin
  • Kangaroo 
  • Ostrich
  • Horsehide
  • Fish

Did You Know?

The most expensive exotic leather globally is from the shell cordovan, a leather obtained from the flat muscles beneath the hide on a horse’s rump. The leather, which takes at least 6 months to produce, is considered one of the most difficult leathers to work with. It’s highly prized due to its unmatched durability, lengthy, tedious tanning process, and stunning mirror-like finish.

Example of Exotic Leather in a Sentence

"Exotic leather offers a different appeal for people who want to wear something rare."

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