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    Your wallet matters. It’s the only item that is with you every day — from the day you have your first date to the day you see your child off to college. 

    When something is with you through thick and thin, it’s important to invest in quality and durability. You want your wallet to showcase your personal style, showing that you’re the sort of professional who cares about the things that matter.

    Popov Leather has you covered. 

    We specialize in crafting heritage-quality wallets that are with you for every milestone in your life. Drop your wallet on the ground, step on it, or even run it over with a car, and your wallet will develop a rich patina -not fall apart. 

    Each of our wallets is handcrafted using USA full grain leather and durable tiger thread. The edges are burnished and polished, showing attention to detail. 

    In fact, we’re so confident about the durability of our wallets that we offer 90-day returns if you’re not satisfied, as well as a lifetime guarantee on our craftsmanship.

    Leather Wallet FAQs

    We handcraft everything right here in Nelson BC Canada.

    Like a baseball mitt, these wallets will get better through age and use.

    We make our leather wallets with full-grain leather that develops character and patina. Your daily adventures will write a story and reflect how you carry the wallet. Our wallets a rugged, durable, and built for a lifetime of abuse. In fact, we guarantee it.

    We hand-sew each wallet to ensure they will never unravel or come apart. All our goods come backed with a lifetime warranty and a 90-day return policy. Take comfort in knowing that these wallets are heirloom quality.

    We recommend cleaning your wallet with a leather-safe cleanser (such as our scrub). Followed by applying a leather balm.

    It's a good idea to do this every six months or sooner if you plan on exposing our goods to the elements (ie. you like to hike with our book covers).

    For the most part, we encourage our customers to leave their wallets as-is. The best part about having full-grain leather is the patina journey that develops.

    When a leather wallet lands in the washing machine by mistake, it won't get ruined. But a lot of the oils and tallows that the leather with will wash out.

    Think of our leather wallets like your hand. If you wash your hands for 15-30 minutes straight, you're going to need to condition them.. otherwise, they'll dry out. Just like that wallet, you left in your jeans. So let you wallet dry out first, then apply some leather conditioner to it.

    Work it in and let the oils do their thing. Your wallet will return to normal after a couple of days of use.

    The least satisfying and easiest answer is: it depends.

    Do you remember tying Baseball mitts together or sitting on them to break in the leather? Well you can do that with our wallets or you can use our products like a normal person. With every day use, you can expect your leather to relax after a couple weeks.

    We have tight pockets on all our wallets because leather only stretches one way. Leather seems too thick? Again, give it time, that too will come down through use and patina.

    Celebrating a special occasion? You can personalize your wallet with laser-engraved initials, names, or dates. We use a crisp, easy-to-read font that will never fade, even as your leather wallet patinas over time.

    There are many things that go into choosing your best leather wallet, from how much you need to carry with you to your sense of style. 

    Choosing the best wallet for men looks a little different from choosing the best wallet for women.

    In both cases, you need to consider durability and style. However, women’s clothing often makes longer wallets more practical, since they can be thrown into purses. Men may prefer slim, front-pocket wallets or traditional bifold or trifold wallets.

    Our pocket profile quiz can help you learn more about your personal style.

    Not all leather wallets are built to last. If you purchase a “genuine leather” wallet, made from bottom-of-the-barrel, hotdog-quality bonded leather, you’re likely to get what you paid for. 

    But when you invest in heritage-quality, handcrafted leather products, it can truly last a lifetime. 

    One of our reviewers explains high-quality leather wallets the best:  

    “I have a leather wallet with my initials branded into the leather.  My parents gave it to me when I graduated High School and I have had it ever since (that’s 63 years ago), I am still using it and it is still as good as new, except for a bit of wear which adds to the character of the wallet.

    I bought the Traditional English Tan Wallet from Popov Leather for my grandson, because I know good leather will last a lifetime like they advertise and like I know from my own experience with good leather.  I had it engraved with his name, initials and date.  Years to come, when we are no longer here, he will be able to say, my Nan & Pop gave me this wallet in 2022.”

    Our leather wallets do not have RFID protection built in. However, we sell wallet gauntlets, which provide RFID protection and can easily be transferred between wallets. 

    Curious about whether wallet gauntlets will serve your needs? Learn more about wallet gauntlets by reading this blog post.


    Looking for a wallet that will never run out of room? Our 5-card wallet has four card slots on the inside and one on the outside. With each card slot equipped to hold at least two cards, you’ll never run out of space for the cards you need on a daily basis.

    Exterior access to one card slot makes it easy to keep your license and debit card on hand for easy access.

    The inside of this bifold wallet has space for cards and cash, making it a perfect everyday carry wallet.

    Despite its spacious interior, the 5 card wallet has a slim profile
    See The 5 Card Wallet


    Handsome leather is hand-sewn with tiger thread in this traditional bifold wallet. Six card slots are each equipped to house up to two cards, so you never run out of room.

    This heritage-quality wallet is as durable as they come. Scott J. from the US explained, “This is by far the best wallet I’ve ever owned and I’ve been around since 1966. It’s literally as durable as a quality baseball glove, but much softer.”

    And as for the leather smell? One reviewer described it as “intoxicating.”
    See the Traditional Wallet


    Trifold wallets have a thicker design for folks who like a sturdy, hefty wallet feel.

    Our trifold wallet is designed to take anything you have to throw at it. The billfold is equipped for currency and receipts of any size, and can house up to twenty bills at a time.

    Four card slots and a window ID slot offer space for at least nine cards without stretching your leather too much. The ID slot flips open for easy access and tucks away when it’s not needed for added convenience.
    See the Trifold Wallet


    The original Popov Leather wallet, our card holder boasts a slim design and is meant to be carried in your front pocket. If you like a minimalist style and only want to carry what you need each day, this is the perfect everyday carry wallet for you.

    One card slot carries your debit card and ID, while an additional pocket at the front is perfect for slotting a little bit of emergency cash.
    See The Card Holder Wallet


    If you like the idea of a minimalist vibe but can’t bring yourself to cut down on the number of cards you carry, this may be the wallet you’ve been looking for.

    Our long wallet is built to carry unfolded bills. It also boasts eight card slots, each of which can hold 1-3 cards, so you never again run out of space.
    See The Long Wallet


    Coins are useful, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road and need to pay tolls. But they can quickly weigh you down. Without proper storage, coins can get lost in the recesses of your pockets or bags.

    The coin wallet solves this problem. A smart pouch design keeps all your coins in one easy-to-access location. The wallet also offers a card slot that can hold an ID and debit card.

    Enjoy the cash and coins you need without giving up your minimalist style with this sleek coin wallet.
    See The Coin Wallet


    For a wallet with a slim, minimalist profile, consider our ID wallet. Easily stowed in your front pocket, this wallet has just enough room for your ID, a couple of cards, and a little bit of emergency cash.

    Enjoy all of your essentials with none of the bulk of traditional bifold or trifold wallets.
    See the ID Wallet


    Are you the financial decision-maker in your family?

    Our checkbook wallet has a minimalist design while allowing you to carry everything you might need, including cash, numerous cards, and even your checkbook.

    Throw this wallet in a bag or purse and feel confident that you have everything you need each day.
    See The Checkbook Wallet
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