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May 16 - 22
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Like a baseball mitt, these wallets will get better through age and use.

We make our leather wallets with full-grain leather that develops character and patina. Your daily adventures will write a story and reflect how you carry the wallet. Our wallets a rugged, durable, and built for a lifetime of abuse. In fact, we guarantee it.

We hand-sew each wallet to ensure they will never unravel or come apart. All our goods come backed with a lifetime warranty and a 90-day return policy.Take comfort in knowing that these wallets are heirloom quality.

How do you clean leather wallets?

We recommend cleaning your wallet with a leather-safe cleanser (such as our scrub). Followed by applying a leather balm.

It's a good idea to do this every six months or sooner if you plan on exposing our goods to the elements (ie. you like to hike with our book covers).

For the most part, we encourage our customers to leave their wallets as-is. The best part about having full-grain leather is the patina journey that develops.

What happens if my leather wallet goes through the washing machine?

When a leather wallet lands in the washing machine by mistake, it won't get ruined. But a lot of the oils and tallows that the leather with will wash out.

Think of our leather wallets like your hand. If you wash your hands for 15-30 minutes straight, you're going to need to condition them.. otherwise, they'll dry out. Just like that wallet, you left in your jeans. So let you wallet dry out first, then apply some leather conditioner to it.

Work it in and let the oils do their thing. Your wallet will return to normal after a couple of days of use.

How long does it take to break my wallet in?

The least satisfying and easiest answer is: it depends.

Do you remember tying Baseball mitts together or sitting on them to break in the leather? Well you can do that with our wallets or you can use our products like a normal person. With every day use, you can expect your leather to relax after a couple weeks.

We have tight pockets on all our wallets because leather only stretches one way. Leather seems too thick? Again, give it time, that too will come down through use and patina.

Do your wallets Have RFID Protection?

Our wallets use thick leather so it makes RFID lining very impractical and prone to failure. Instead, we offer an RFID-blocking card we call the Wallet Gauntlet which works in any wallet.

Can you personalize these wallets?

Yes! We can laser-engrave initials, names, and dates. Celebrate a special occasion or give a gift that is truly unique. Our engraving is permanent and will never fade. Your choice of printing will be crisp and easy to read.

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