Wallet Gauntlet - RFID Blocking Card
Wallet Gauntlet - RFID Blocking Card
Wallet Gauntlet - RFID Blocking Card
Wallet Gauntlet - RFID Blocking Card
Wallet Gauntlet - RFID Blocking Card

Wallet Gauntlet - RFID Blocking Card

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Protect your cards, protect your privacy.

This is our answer to RFID blocking wallets. The Wallet Gauntlet is a card you can use in any wallet (not just ours). This card will scramble any malicious attempt to skim data from unauthorized scans.

This single card effectively jams and scrambles any attempts at reading your cards' RFID or NFC signals. Simply slide the Wallet Gauntlet into your wallet and it will protect up to 2 centimeters on either side. This credit card sized protector is the perfect companion for any of our wallets.

How to test the Wallet Gauntlet

Use any Android device with NFC scanning capabilities. In the Google Play store, download the app "NFC TOOLS." Try scanning any card with RFID capabilities, then try scanning that same card next to our Wallet Gauntlet.

Or, simply go to your local grocery store and use a self-checkout. When you pay, hold the Wallet Gauntlet over your payment card. Wave them over the contact-less card reader. You will see that the payment card cannot be read.

The Wallet Gauntlet features

  • Works to jam and scramble attempts at skimming your data.
  • Constant security; does not require a battery.
  • Protects up to 2cm on either side of the Wallet Gauntlet, making it the perfect wallet accessory.
  • Same size as a credit card means that it's compact and easily transferred between wallets.
  • 0.9mm thin and measures: 3 3/8" (8.5 cm) wide x 2.25" (5.4 cm) tall
  • Made from plastic resin featuring matte finish and glossy embossed design by Liam Ashurst.

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