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The Traditionalist

You like things the way they used to be. Without the bells and whistles.

Rugged, tough, and straight to the point. You admire vintage goods, things that will last a lifetime and tell the story of your life as they get used.

You don't give a damn about trendy things, instead you look to the past and admire a hand-crafted tradition.

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The Professional

You take pride in knowing that you are in full control of your destiny. You work hard at bettering yourself and those around you.

Whether it's pursuing a career or higher education, you enjoy working through new challenges every day. The word laziness is not in your vocabulary.

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The Globe Trotter

You're not content with sitting still, that next trip is always at the back of your mind. Exploring new places and enjoying new cultures is your jam.

You hate being chained-down and prefer being a free spirit.

You get a long great with people because of your diverse background and exposure to different walks of life. Your worldliness makes you a fun person to be around.

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The Renegade

You're a bit of a bad ass and you're not afraid to show it. In life, your challenges are met head-on and whatever doesn't kill you makes you that much more determined.

You take a lot of pride in your in your authenticity and walk a straight path through life. People notice you and respect your confidence.

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The Naturalist

You are at home under the stars or mountain biking through the wilderness. You the love the uncharted path because it gives you freedom and immerses your senses in nature.

You're always thinking of your next adventure and never content to simply sit at home. You love to explore the great outdoors -whether it's downhill skiing, a weekend away at the cabin or walk through the park on your lunch break.

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The Eclectic

You have a wide range of tastes and could be described as eclectic. You are a universal and worldly person that can't be pigeon-holed into one genre.

You get along with all walks of life and are easily relatable.

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