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You take pride in knowing that you are in full control of your destiny. You work hard at bettering yourself and those around you.

Whether it's pursuing a career or higher education, you enjoy working through new challenges every day. The word laziness is not in your vocabulary.

5 Card Wallet
When you slip our 5 Card Wallet into your pocket, it almost feels like nothing is there.
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Appple Watch Strap
A comfortable strap that is even more beautiful than the Apple Watch it's connected to.
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Field Notes Cover
This Field Notes cover has a minimalist design that makes it compact and easy to slip into your coat pocket or bag.
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Note Keeper Pocket
This journal features Tomoe River paper and fits our Field Notes covers perfectly.
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Desk Pad
A large piece of beautiful, full grain leather to adorn your desk.
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Wallet Gauntlet

This is our answer to RFID blocking wallets. The Wallet Gauntlet is a card you can use in any wallet (not just ours).

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Leather Scrub & Balm

Get the ultimate protection for your leather goods with both our Leather Balm and Cleaner in one complete package.

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