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You are at home under the stars or mountain biking through the wilderness. You the love the uncharted path because it gives you freedom and immerses your senses in nature.

You're always thinking of your next adventure and never content to simply sit at home. You love to explore the great outdoors -whether it's downhill skiing, a weekend away at the cabin or walk through the park on your lunch break.

ID Wallet
The perfect front pocket carry for those who want to travel light. A flat horizontal build that fits nicely in your front pocket.
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EDC Pocket Armor
The leather slips fit a variety of knives and multi tools and protect your pockets (and cell phones) from scratches and dings.
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Field Notes Cover
This Field Notes cover has a minimalist design that makes it compact and easy to slip into your coat pocket or bag.
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Note Keeper Pocket
This journal features Tomoe River paper and fits our Field Notes covers perfectly.
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Wallet Gauntlet

This is our answer to RFID blocking wallets. The Wallet Gauntlet is a card you can use in any wallet (not just ours).

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Leather Scrub & Balm

Get the ultimate protection for your leather goods with both our Leather Balm and Cleaner in one complete package.

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