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67 Everyday Carry Wallet Options and Items for Men

In simple terms, a man’s everyday carry, or EDC, are the essential items he takes with him wherever he goes and might include wallets, journals, or sunglasses.

These items vary from one man to another. In my case, where I have to keep tabs on my company’s progress, you’ll be sure to find a laptop and a mouse pad in my tote bag when I leave the house. I love how easy and convenient it is to hold virtual meetings and respond to inquiries about Popov Leather, regardless of my location.

In reality, functionality is key when it comes to a man’s EDC. Since we don’t carry purses, we have to decide what’s essential and leave the rest behind.

What’s great, however, is that you can mix and match your everyday carry depending on your environment, task at hand, adventure, or hobbies.

Let’s take a look at some examples of what items you can carry in the subsequent paragraphs.

you can mix and match your everyday carry

Everyday Carry Wallets for the Minimalist Man

Minimalist men prefer a simple, uncluttered lifestyle. If that sounds like you, these wallets will suit your style. They’re compact, allowing you to carry only what’s important.

money clip wallet
Money Clip Wallet

Has a slim profile. Only has space for your bills and cards

leather card holder
Leather Card Holder

The compact, minimalist wallet fits up to 6 cards and folded cash

leather coin wallet
Leather Coin Wallet

Lets you stack up all your coins, thus minimizing clutter

Everyday Carry Wallets for the Man With Many Essentials

These spacious wallets are ideal if you need to carry several essentials with you, such as your driver's license, credit/debit cards, business cards, emergency cash, and medical insurance cards.

traditional leather wallet
Traditional Leather Wallet

Has a bi-fold design that holds a stack of cash and can fit up to 12 cards

trifold leather wallet
Trifold Leather Wallet

Wide enough to hold stacks of cash and has deep pockets that can hold up to 20 cards

long leather wallet
Long Leather Wallet

Carries loads of unfolded cash, numerous cards, and checkbooks

Everyday Carry Wallets for the Traveler

These classy travel wallets will keep your credit cards, checks, emergency cash, and other valuables safe and organized.

5 card wallet
5 Card Wallet

Wide enough to hold up to 10 credit cards with room to add folded cash in case of emergencies

ID wallet
ID Wallet

The ID slots gives you fast access to your work/personal ID

checkbook wallet
Checkbook Wallet

Keeps your checks clean and ready for use when the need arises

Did you know? Besides money, wallets in the 19th century were used to carry dried meat and items considered secrets, treasures, or those that simply couldn’t be exposed. A wallet was carried on the belt since carrying it in the pocket was considered highly uncivilized.

Everyday Carry Belts for the Classy and Sophisticated Man

You can’t go wrong with these classic belts if you love a stylish, elegant look. With four colors to choose from, you’ll never run out of options. Check out my other article on leather belts for more styling ideas here.

english tan leather belt
English Tan Leather Belt

Pairs well with tan shoes and earth tone pants, like brown or khaki

black leather belt
Black Leather Belt

Most common belt color. Pairs well with a monochromatic theme

natural leather belt
Natural Leather Belt

Versatile enough for casual and formal wear

heritage brown leather belt
Heritage Brown Leather Belt

Most versatile belt color. Pairs well with any suit color

Everyday Carry Essentials for the Dog Dad

Keep your best bud safe and comfortable with these adjustable collars and leashes. They’re rugged and strong enough for even the biggest dogs.

leather dog leash
Leather Dog Leash

Durable and soft for maximum comfort

leather dog collar
Leather Dog Collar

Sturdy enough to last a lifetime

leather balm
Leather Balm

Cleans and protects your leather goods from build-up that accumulates on your dog’s leash and collar

Everyday Carry Essentials for the Man on the Move

If you travel for work, adventure, or for any other reason, be sure to carry these accessories for a smooth traveling experience.

leather passport cover

Leather Passport Cover

Secures your passport and credit cards. Fits any passport

leather toiletry bag

Leather Toiletry Bag

Keeps all your toiletry essentials in one place for easy access

belt loop keychain

Belt Loop Keychain

Holds all your keys securely around your belt

Also, remember to keep your keys safe and organized with the following stylish key fobs. They’ll prevent you from losing your keys in your luggage or leaving one of them behind.

moonshine fob

Moonshine Key Fob

Cut and stamped with the highest quality leather

northern lights key fob

Northern Lights Key Fob

The perfect size key fob. Not too small to get lost or too big to get in the way

skunk key fob

Skunk Key Fob

For the nature lover

boots key fob

Boots Key Fob

Perfect key holder for boots lovers

Everyday Carry Items for the Home Organizer

I love a clean and organized home. These coasters and valet trays have kept my hotel rooms and getaway homes tidy. They’ll make a great purchase if you’re looking for something similar.

english tan leather valet tray
English Tan Leather Valet Tray

Keeps your room organized by allowing you to store your essentials in one place for quick access

mystery coasters
Mystery Coasters

Can be used anywhere around the house to hold your drinks

black leather coaster
Black Leather Coaster

Holds any drink and gives your table or office desk a classy flare

brown heritage leather valet tray
Brown Heritage Leather Valet Tray

Brown looks good on every surface, giving your space a decor boost

Everyday Carry Items for the Remote Worker

The greatest benefit of working remotely is that you can work anywhere—in your house, at a restaurant, while traveling, or in your hotel room. If this sounds like you, these items will help you turn any location into an office instantly.

leather mouse pad
Leather Mouse Pad

Thick, hard-wearing, and comfortable. Works with any optical mouse

leather desk pad
Leather Desk Pad

Holds your keyboard and mouse

leather tote bag
Leather Tote Bag

Carries your laptop, notebook, and other work essentials

Everyday Carry Items for the Tech Savvy Man

Modern technology has simplified our lives to great heights. If you’re tech-savvy, invest in these tech essentials for maximum convenience.

leather airtag case

Leather Airtag Case

Keeps your air tag secure and easily accessible

leather iPad sleeve

Leather iPad Sleeve

Protects your iPad from damage from falls, spills, or rain

cord wrap

Cord Wrap

Keeps your cords tangle free

camera wrist strap

Camera Wrist Strap

Keeps your camera close and safe, even when walking around town

Everyday Carry Watch Bands for the Watch Lover

I normally say that fashion fades, but style is eternal. Leather watch straps are timeless accessories that flaunt ultimate elegance and class. They are super versatile and quickly adapt to the nature of your dressing.

Here are some of my favorite watch bands that are a must-have for every watch lover.

english tan apple watch band

English Tan Apple Watch Band

Super comfortable and well-fitting

english tan leather watch band

English Tan Leather Watch Band

High quality for a lifetime service

limited edition Apple watch band

Limited Edition Apple Watch Band

Its unique color finishes off your look

limited edition watch band

Limited Edition Watch Band

Makes your whole outfit stand out

black Apple watch band

Black Apple Watch Band

Pairs well with a black belt or shoes

black watch band

Black Watch Band

Takes your classic watch to another level

heritage brown Apple watch band

Heritage Brown Apple Watch Band

Pairs well with shoes and a belt of similar tone

heritage brown watch band

Heritage Brown Watch Band

Provides the same results as the Apple watch band

natural Apple watch band

Natural Apple Watch Band

Has a natural look that blends well with other earthy tones

natural watch band

Natural Watch Band

Gives your Rolex a classic look

stationery items like books and pens are vital regardless of your occupation or hobbies

Everyday Carry Stationery Items for Every Man

Every man has his own EDC kit, but stationery items like books and pens are vital regardless of your occupation or hobbies.

Below are some of the top stationery supplies you should consider when putting together your EDC list.

A5 notebook journal

A5 Notebook Journal

Made with Tomoe River 52 gsm paper—the best fountain pen paper on the market

A5 notebook cover

A5 Notebook Cover

Made with the highest quality leather for maximum durability

pocket notebook journal

Pocket Notebook Journal

Has 80 lined pages, which provide ample writing space

field notes notebook

Field Notes Notebook

48-paged notebook that comes in 4 variations—graph, ruled, or plain paper, or as a mix of all 3

field notes notebook cover

Field Notes Notebook Cover

Small enough to slide into your pocket

moleskine leather journal cover

Moleskine Leather Journal Cover

Hard-wearing to protect your Moleskine planner

moleskine pocket journal cover

Moleskine Pocket Journal Cover

Fits Moleskine pocket classic hardcover and softcover journals

A6 notebook cover

A6 Notebook Cover

Hugs tight any A6 notebook

leather pen case

Leather Pen Case

Protects your favorite pen from nicks and dings

Everyday Carry Essentials for the Boot Lover

These EDC essentials are a must-have if you want your boots to last long and look as good as new.

boot cleaning kit
Boot Cleaning Kit

All you need to clean, condition, and waterproof your leather boots

leather scrub
Leather Scrub

Adds years of life to your boots by cleaning and refreshing them

leather balm
Leather Balm

Offers maximum protection against rain, dust, and other build-up

Everyday Carry DIY Tools for Leather Enthusiasts

Did you know that you can make your own leather products, such as a leather card holder? All you need in your EDC list is a high-quality leather DIY tool set like the ones below.

advanced burnishing kit

Advanced Burnishing Kit

Helps to smoothen the edges of your leather products for a clean finish

leather stitching pony

Leather Stitching Pony

Holds your leather in place while stitching

nylon maul

Nylon Maul

Has a solid steel base that lets you strike the leather like a pro

alphabet stamp set

Alphabet Stamp Set

Includes 36 stamps (A–Z and 0–9) that lets you customize your finished leather product

hand sewing thread

Hand Sewing Thread

Waxed, braided, and made from durable polyester

John James Saddlers harness needles

John James Saddlers' Harness Needles

Strong with nicely blunted tips so you don’t prick yourself or damage the leather

glue spreader

Glue Spreader

Simple to use and can be applied on large working areas (measures 40 mm)

rosewood hand burnisher

Rosewood Hand Burnisher

Gives your leather product the perfect finish

strap end punch

Strap End Punch

Easily cuts belt tips for 1.5" straps

hole punch

Hole Punch

Perfect for any leather item that needs a hole, like a belt

edge beveller

Edge Beveller

Rounds your leather edges before burnishing for best results

Popov Leather—The Home to All Your Everyday Carry Items

Popov Leather offers these and more everyday carry items for every man, regardless of your occupation, hobbies, or daily activities. Whether you’re a mobile businessman or a home buddy, you’re sure to find the EDC items to fit your needs.

"We have made multiple purchases of Popov products, often as gifts for others. They are always a hit."

Elgin J, Canada ★★★★★ Verified Reviewer

All Popov Leather products are made using USA full-grain leather— the highest quality leather available. It develops a rich patina over time, making your product look better as it ages.

Visit our homepage to browse our entire collection.

If you have any questions about our leather products, visit our FAQ page. For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get back to you in no time.

Written by Ryan Popoff

Ryan Popoff is the creative mind behind Popov Leather wallets, iPhone cases, belts, watch bands and journals since 2013. With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, my leatherworking journey began at home. I wanted to create a simple leather wallet that could fit into my front pocket and — to my delight — it was a hit with family and friends. Hopefully you love our honest, quality leather goods too! Reach out with questions.

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