Why I Wet Shave

by Ryan Popoff October 10, 2017

Why I Wet Shave

For the uninitiated, a wet shave is a shave done using water, shaving cream, and a safety razor rather than an electric razor. When I shave, I want a smooth face free of nicks or blemishes. Using an electric razor is fast, but it does not achieve the same results as a traditional double-edge razor and a quality shaving lather.

Using a double-edge razor, you control how close to your face you get. This means that you can get the closest shave possible. A close shave means smooth skin that doesn’t prickle to the touch. It prevents the itchy sensation you can sometimes get with an electric razor. It also looks great. As you’re walking by folks the next couple of days, pay attention to their faces. I’ll bet you can tell the difference between men who use an electric razor and men who wet shave just by looking at them. Wet shaving gives you a smooth, professional, well-cared-for look.

It also feels great. The hot water you cleanse your face and beard with makes you feel alert and in-control, and sliding a razor across your jaw just like your dad and your grandfather did before you is one of the strongest, most powerful feelings in the world. Wet shaving is one of the highlights of my day. It helps me transition from the grubby Saturday couch-lounger to the sleek, leather-working man I am during the week.

What had fallen out of popularity is now making a comeback as more and more men realize the benefits of wet shaving. Sometimes doing things by hand is the only way to go, and it definitely is if it raises the quality of end-result.

Ryan Popoff
Ryan Popoff

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