The Benefits of Using a Leather Desk Mat | Popov Leather
leather platter mat

The Benefits of Using a Leather Desk Mat

Many of us spend a lot of time—too much time—in the office. Shouldn’t we at least make it an aesthetically pleasing place to be? When our surroundings look nice, we feel better.

leather platter matThe 3 Best Wallets for Minimalists | Popov Leather

The 3 Best Minimalist Wallets for Men

Minimalism is a lifestyle—no fancy bells and whistles, after all, less is more. Practicing hand-stitching and using the finest-quality leather allows greater control over our leather goods designs....

leather platter matHolding a leather turntable mat

Turntable Mats: How to get a better sound from your vinyl

Let’s have a look at how turntable mats work, and how a leather mat helps to elevate your vinyl music experience.