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The 3 Best Minimalist Wallets for Men

The 3 Best Wallets for Minimalists | Popov Leather

Minimalism is a lifestyle—no fancy bells and whistles, after all, less is more. At Popov Leather, we’re on board.

Practicing hand-stitching and using the finest-quality leather allows greater control over our leather goods designs. You get the best clean and simple wallet styles with no compromise on function.

"I was replacing an old front pocket wallet for the 10th time it feels like so I decided to get something more durable and well personal to me. My ID Wallet arrived and right out of the packaging, I could feel it was quality, very very snug with my cards and ID, however, leather is great in the way it stretches. I had this now for a couple weeks and it is perfect. Thanks so much...I dont think this will need replacing for quite some time."

Vincent G. ★★★★★ Verified Reviewer

Choosing a Minimalist Wallet for Men

If you’re looking for a simple functional wallet with clean aesthetics, Popov Leather has the best range to choose from.

We believe wallets should be defined by quality rather than a brand name.

In this guide, we’ll review four of our best minimalist models:

  • Coin Wallet
  • Card Holder Wallet
  • ID Wallet

But first, let’s take a quick look at the dimensions.

Popov Leather Minimalist Wallet: Size Guide 
Coin Wallet
4” wide x 2.6” tall x 0.25” thick
Card Holder Wallet
2.8” wide x 3.75” tall x 0.28” thick
ID Wallet

4.1” wide x 3.3” tall x 0.3” thick

Each wallet is available in these four earth-toned colors:

  • English Tan
  • Heritage Brown
  • Natural
  • Black

Now let’s take a closer look at our four featured wallet designs.

Leather Coin Wallet

Meet the Coin Wallet, pictured here in Natural. It boasts a petite and elegant design, with clean elegant stitching.

This wallet features one card slot and a snap-shutting pouch for additional cards or coins. There are no inscriptions or branded images, just a neat and functional wallet.

Leather Coin Wallet in Heritage Brown Chromexcel Leather
Leather Coin Wallet in Heritage Brown Chromexcel Leather​​

Leather Card Holder Wallet

The Card Holder wallet, shown here in English Tan, comes with plenty of capacity in a small package.

True to form, the design exudes minimalism. With only one pouch and one pocket edged with an undefined black stitch.

Yet, it does its job perfectly. The central pouch is flexible, opening wide to hold up to six cards. In the outer pocket, you can slide in your folded cash.

Thanks to the utmost efficiency employed in the design, the Card Holder stores everything you need while creating the absolute minimum amount of pocket bulk.

Leather Card Holder in English Tan Leather
Leather Card Holder in English Tan Leather​​

Leather ID Wallet

The ID Wallet, pictured here in Heritage Brown, provides the compartmentalization that some wallet users need. You’ll find just enough slots and just enough space while keeping the overall shape sleek and economical.

This design includes two card slots on one side that can hold 1–3 cards per slot. The middle space opens to carry cash or more cards, and the reverse side contains an ID slot.

Get your full array of storage slots, but maintain a slick, minimalist style with no unnecessary add-ons.

Leather ID Wallet in Heritage Brown Leather
Leather ID Wallet in Heritage Brown Leather​​

"I admit it, I’m a bit of a leather junkie. Whether it’s high quality shoes and boots, a really durable belt, or a quality wallet, I can’t seem to resist. This is clearly demonstrated by the amount of items I’ve purchased from Popov this year. This wallet is to die for. The smell is intoxicating and the quality of the material and workmanship is second to none. I almost hope someone steals my wallet so I have an excuse to buy a new one."

Stephen W. ★★★★★ Verified Reviewer

Full-Grain Horween Leather Wallets

Natural Leather Card Holder
Natural Leather Card Holder​​
Heritage Brown ID Wallet
Heritage Brown ID Wallet​​

Less is more—minimalist wallets are stylish, with no brand names and a simple classy aesthetic appeal.

Maybe you like to have a few slots for your notes and coins or an ID holder for photos. Or perhaps you want a plain and simple cardholder.

Whichever design you choose, when you purchase leather goods from Popov Leather, you can count on a few guarantees:

  • Full-Grain Horween Leather
  • Hand-sewing with thick Tiger Thread
  • Sanded, burnished, and polished edges

The quality of our Full-Grain Horween Leather means that your wallet is sure to develop character and patina: the weathered sheen that develops over time on the surface of your leather.

Thanks to hand-crafting and the gradual onset of patina, every wallet is unique and establishes its one-of-a-kind look and feel.

"I've had this wallet for almost 3 years now and it's part of me. I currently store 11 cards in it and can probably fit one more. Might be pushing it though. Love it for its minimalist style and the leather has taken on a nice warm patina. The scratches and scuffing add character as well."

D.M. ★★★★★ Verified Reviewer

While the leather develops its individual lines and shines, the wallet will hold up tremendously for many, many years. The Tiger Thread that we hand-sew each piece with is thick and strong. It never unravels or falls apart.

Because we have the utmost confidence in our craft, we stand behind each wallet, watch strap, belt, and every product we make with a lifetime guarantee.

Our products are heirloom quality, made to be passed down from generation to generation. If damage occurs through a fault in craftsmanship, free repair or replacement is in order.

If you’re ready for your next wallet—one that will last a lifetime—please visit the Popov Leather wallet collection.

Written by Ryan Popoff

Ryan Popoff is the creative mind behind Popov Leather wallets, iPhone cases, belts, watch bands and journals since 2013. With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, my leatherworking journey began at home. I wanted to create a simple leather wallet that could fit into my front pocket and — to my delight — it was a hit with family and friends. Hopefully you love our honest, quality leather goods too! Reach out with questions.

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