2 Essential Credit Card Holder Wallet Safety Features

An overstuffed wallet is risky cargo. The more stuff you’ve got crammed in there, the easier it is to lose track of something.

A wallet that’s bursting at the seams can easily spill some contents. Worse yet, it might literally burst at the seams. 

Want to improve your wallet security? Slim down.

Folks who downsize to a thin wallet design rarely regret the move. 

If you want the thinnest of thin, go with a card holder. A minimalist card holder is slim enough to live comfortably in your front pocket, where you’ll never lose track of it. 

Today, we’re talking card holder wallet safety. Let’s learn:

  • What is a card holder wallet?
  • What are the safety advantages of card holder wallets?
  • What are people saying about card holders?

What Is a Card Holder Wallet?

A credit card holder wallet, also known as a card holder wallet or simply a card holder, is a compact wallet designed primarily for holding cards. 

Card holders typically have one or two thin slots for holding cards along with a cash pocket. This wallet style isn’t meant to hold a big wad of cash and doesn’t provide numerous slots for storing cards individually. 

The slim, minimalist design of a card holder makes it a comfortable front pocket fit. 

Here’s how the Popov Leather card holder dimensions compare to some of our other wallet styles.

Wallet Style Thickness Height Width
Card Holder 0.28” 3.75” 2.80”
ID Wallet 0.30” 3.30” 4.10”
5 Card 0.40” 2.90” 4.00”
Money Clip 0.40” 4.30” 2.80”
Traditional (Billfold) 0.50” 4.30” 3.30”
Trifold 0.75” 4.25” 3.45”

At just 0.28” of thickness, the card holder is our slimmest design. 

A skinny wallet is a secure wallet. Here are the key safety benefits you’ll enjoy when carrying a card holder.

1 - A Card Holder Fits in Your Front Pocket

The front pocket—that’s where you want your valuables. 

Although bulky wallets can be crammed into a front pants pocket, card holders actually slide in there comfortably. 

There’s a standard size for credit cards, debit cards, and ID cards.

Did You Know?

Virtually all credit cards, debit cards, and ID cards are made with the same dimensions:

  • 3.37” wide
  • 2.125” high

Card holders aren’t much bigger than the cards they carry.

Card holder wallet dimensions provide just enough space to comfortably enclose cards. A minimal amount of material extends past the cards’ length and width. Popov Leather’s card holders are about 1 cm wider and 2 cm longer than your credit cards. 

Most importantly, card holders are thin.

The design consists of a single card pouch and a cash slot. This creates a wallet thickness of just 0.28”, i.e. less than 1 cm. Even when the wallet is fully loaded (it holds up to six cards) it’s still super slender, since the cards are pressed flat together.

A thin wallet is a front pocket wallet, and that’s a major safety advantage. Pickpockets are much less likely to make a grab for your front pocket. A back pocket, on the other hand, can be swiftly emptied by a capable thief and you might not feel a thing. 

A wallet is also less likely to be accidentally dropped or left behind when it’s in the front pocket. The back pocket is out of sight, out of mind. The front pocket, where lots of us keep our hands, can easily be patted during your daily triple checks (phone, keys, wallet—good to go!). 

Need another reason to favor the front pocket? Sitting down over and over again on your back pocket wallet is terrible for your spine. 

The problem is common enough that it has its own name. Wallet neuritis, also known as fat wallet syndrome, refers to the sciatic nerve pain that occurs when you subject your back to long-term, unbalanced sitting atop an overstuffed wallet.

2 - A Card Holder Can Carry an RFID Blocking Card

Card holders are small, but they’re big enough to hold up to six cards. To maintain digital security, make one of those cards an RFID blocker. 

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is embedded in credit cards, debit cards, and ID cards. RFID tagging uses electromagnetic fields to attach digital information to objects, such as the chips on credit cards. 

Unfortunately, the convenience of modern payment methods brings new opportunities for complex forms of crime. Hackers with RFID readers can silently collect info from your cards from up to a meter away

RFID security is an evolving topic. If you’re interested in my thoughts on the matter, click here.

Not everyone agrees that RFID security is something that we all need to be worried about. However, some of us would rather be safe than sorry. Fortunately, it’s quite simple to add RFID security to your wallet. 

To make your wallet impervious to RFID theft, check out the Popov Leather RFID blocker, the Wallet Gauntlet. It’s credit card-sized, just 0.9 mm thick, and keeps your other cards safe by blocking and scrambling any malicious attempts to skim your data.

”Works as advertised. Tested it with my work RFID access badge and it blocks it from registering. Worth having these days.”

Brian H. ★★★★★ Verified Popov Leather Buyer


What Are People Saying About Card Holder Wallets?

At Popov Leather, we receive a LOT of customer reviews. There’s something about the smell of full-grain Horween leather … it gets people fired up. 

Our card holders are exceptionally well-received. For most buyers, it takes a leap of faith to downsize to the absolute smallest wallet design. Fortunately, card holders seem to hit the sweet spot, satisfying minimalist preferences while still providing just enough storage space. 

Here are the key points I see raised most often by card holder owners: 

  • The minimalist design is aesthetically pleasing and fits great in the front pocket.
  • Despite the small size, card holders provide enough storage space for daily use.
  • For those who prefer a larger daily wallet, card holders serve as “weekend wallets,” used for specific outings like gym trips or bar nights. 

As with all Popov Leather wallets, there’s always plenty of love for the hand-sewn Tiger thread, the durable leather quality, and the gorgeous patinas. And, of course, the smell.

”Absolutely love this wallet. There’s an elegance in its simplicity. It smells absolutely divine. And, as with all Popov wallets, the stitching and burnishing are top notch.”

Tony F. ★★★★★ Verified Popov Leather Buyer

”I love this model… The manufacturing quality is, as always with Popov Leather, impeccable. This is the perfect minimalist wallet for the weekend.”

Anonymous ★★★★★ Verified Popov Leather Buyer

”The quality of the wallet is amazing. The size is perfect for the cards I carry. It’s extremely slim and fits well in my pocket.”

Niko ★★★★★ Verified Popov Leather Buyer

”Wanted something slimmer for the summer months and this is perfect. I actually carry more in this wallet than my trifold and I can barely tell it’s in my pocket.”

Jayden C. ★★★★★ Verified Popov Leather Buyer

photo snippet two card holder wallet

Slim Down With a Popov Leather Credit Card Holder Wallet

Henry David Thoreau said:

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify!”

…He sounds like a card holder guy. 

Simplify, slim down, and stay safe. 

Check out our wallet collections page to find the minimalist design you like best. Our card holders, id wallets, money clips, and five-card wallets are all front-pocket-compatible. 

For more buying guides and leather explorations, visit the Popov Leather blog.

Article by Ryan Popoff

Ryan Popoff is the CEO and Co-Founder of Popov Leather. He has absolutely no business background, in fact, he graduated in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in fine arts. Ryan's leather goods business was born from a hobby at the dining room table and a passion for technology (ecommerce in particular). Ryan calls Nelson BC his home where he's raising his family and enjoys spending the odd afternoon at a local craft brewery.

Ryan Popoff

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