Sewing our Products

Quality leather goods stand out from other leather products on the market based on two things: the quality of the materials and the quality of the craftsmanship. How we sew our leather products is at the core of who we are as a company.

All of our leather products are sewn using Tiger thread imported from the company Julius Koch. Tiger thread is a flat thread which is braided for durability, and it’s specifically designed with leather products in mind. This thread is made to last, and it’s in part because of this thread that we have leather goods that are virtually impossible to break

The other reason our wallets are so strong is due to superior craftsmanship. We put care into each and every product we sew. It’s because of this that we’re able to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products.

The majority of our products are hand-sewn, while our cavalry collection is machine sewn to allow for quick delivery.

Cavalry Goods

Machine sewing uses a lock stitch, while our hand-sewn products use a saddle stitch. Using a saddle stitch provides a superior finish because it uses two needles and passes the thread through each hole twice, doubling the strength of machine-stitched leather. If you’re particularly hard on your leather goods, our hand-sewn products are the most durable products you’ll find.

Though the machine stitching is not as durable as hand-stitching, because of the quality of the machines that we use and the strength of the Tiger thread, you’ll still receive a product that is meant to last a lifetime.