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Colours of Horween Leather

Popov Leather’s journey began in 2013, but the process of tanning leather has an ancient history, dating back beyond hundreds and thousands of years. The tools used for leather-working have been found throughout almost every era known to humanity, and today we carry on this tradition as artisans dedicated to creating only the finest products.

It's easy to pop into any big box retailer and find a variety of "leather" items ranging from apparel to accessories and furniture. However, as with any product, it's essential to remember the phrase, "you get what you pay for," when settling for many commercial leather products.

Not all leather is created the same.

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Full-grain leather, the highest-quality grade of leather, is the top choice—but don't confuse it with top-grain leather. Full-grain leather comes from the hide's top layer and includes the full, natural grain. It is never sanded or buffed as a way to remove imperfections, which helps provide durability and additional strength. Full-grain leather is the most expensive grade of leather to manufacture, often making it the most expensive leather grade for consumers to purchase.

And it's worth it.

Because full-grain leather comes from the topmost layer of the hide, it's always unique. It may have slight imperfections and marks that have developed over the course of the animal's life. These are natural and part of its overall beauty.

We only carry full-grain leather because of its multiple benefits and superior quality.

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Before leather is ready to be crafted into a wallet, journal cover, belt, or other item, it must go through a tanning process. Tanning can be a time-consuming and complicated process with some methods more involved than others. Different tanning processes create different types of leather. Here at Popov, we work with two distinct full grain leather types, each with its own beauty and distinction.

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Chromexcel is a trademark tanning process from the Horween Leather Company, an institution since 1905. According to Horween, their Chromexcel "is a combination tanned leather that undergoes at least 89 separate processes taking 28 working days" to complete. Horween Chromexcel is a pull-up leather "in full aniline, hand rubbed finishes." This type of leather first goes through vegetable tanning, then the chrome-tanning process.

It's easy to say this process for creating this type of leather is indeed complicated, but the results are stunning. We've found that Horween Chromexcel leather is ideal for a multitude of items, including but not limited to tote bags, passport covers, toiletry bags and more. Our handcrafted watch straps designed specifically for Apple® watches also are available in Horween Chromexcel, a durable leather type that always offers outstanding comfort.

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The Horween Derby and Dublin leathers took about three years to develop, reports Horween. It's derivative of Essex vegetable-tanned leather, but in waxed versions, with Derby typically sporting a smoother finish. Distinctive to Derby and Dublin leathers are their high oil content and ability to age with a beautiful patina. Because of this leather's versatility, we've been able to use it to create eye-catching essentials like watch straps and traditional key chains.

All our leathers are exquisite and the finest quality. We only work with full-grain leathers, and each item out of the workshop is handcrafted. Nothing leaves the workshop unless we're sure you'll love it.

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