Leather Craft Gift for Easter

10 Best Easter Gifts for Leather Craft Lovers

It’s hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner. With it comes the promise of sunshine and warmer days.


Approximately 85% of Americans celebrate Easter each year. The holiday is a major time for family togetherness in Canada as well. But all too often, Easter baskets are filled with plastic trinkets and chocolate. 

In fact, 4% of all chocolate consumed in a year happens over the course of Easter weekend. 

If you’re looking for more unique ideas for a loved one’s Easter basket, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of 10 budget-friendly Easter gift ideas for leather craft lovers old and young. 

Choosing more unique Easter gifts can cut down on waste and help your family prioritize having a few quality items over a plethora of low-quality junk. 

Why do people give gifts at Easter?

Many people see Easter as a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Christian tradition, this is the purpose behind Easter, which is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox, and marks the end of lent. However, many non-Christians also choose to celebrate Easter

Many of the celebrations that take place during Easter, including Easter egg hunts, bunnies, and gifts, actually originated with a pagan holiday meant to celebrate the coming of spring. Over time, these traditions merged into the Easter we know today.

Easter baskets originated as woven nests that were filled with eggs to symbolize the fertility of the spring season. This evolved to woven baskets filled with all kinds of goodies. 

What are the downsides to traditional Easter basket ideas? 

Traditional Easter baskets can be fun, but they can also be incredibly wasteful. Excessive amounts of candy and plastic trinkets invariably find their way into landfills after the holiday — along with all the plastic wrapping that came with it. 

One-use plastic eggs tend to break apart, and cheap $5-$10 woven baskets are far too often discarded soon after use. 

In fact, the Easter holiday season produces about 4,000 tons of waste each year in Canada alone.

Additionally, traditional Easter gifts are... well... boring. The same few items are gifted year after year. According to one survey, 83% of people will choose to load their Easter baskets with candy and chocolate. 

Popular Easter Candy Stats

 Item Number Purchased Each Easter
Jelly Beans 16 billion
Marshmallow Peeps 1.5 billion
Chocolate Bunnies 91 million
Chocolate Eggs 90 million

Instead of giving in to wasteful consumerism, a more eco-friendly holiday shopping strategy involves selecting a high-quality container — such as a leather tote bag — to use as your Easter basket year after year. 

In addition to choosing a reusable basket substitute, the items you fill it with should be carefully chosen to represent the things your loved ones care most about. 

We’re not saying you should ditch the chocolate entirely. But instead of burying hundreds of small chocolate eggs in fake grass at the bottom of a basket, consider purchasing one or two nice pieces of candy, as well as a few high-quality gifts tailored to your loved ones’ interests. 

What are 10 great Easter gift ideas for leather craft lovers? 

Quality gifts don’t have to come with a premium price tag. Even leather craft lovers who understand the difference between cheap “genuine leather” and quality top grain leather will appreciate the budget-friendly Easter gift ideas listed below. Here are 10 high-quality Easter gifts you’ll be proud to display in this year’s basket. 

1. Sunglasses case

Easter is all about welcoming the coming spring. And there’s no better way to welcome the upcoming season than with a new pair of sunglasses and a leather sunglasses case made with full-grain leather. 

The slim, minimalist style of this case is perfect for tossing into a glove box or bag, while the supple leather is gentle on your lenses.

Brown Leather Sunglasses Case

2. ID holder wallet

Spring brings in a new wave of fashion. Gone are the baggy sweatshirts and oversized jackets capable of hiding bulky wallets, replaced with t-shirts and shorts. 

With space at a premium, it’s the perfect time to switch over to a slim ID holder wallet designed to slide easily into the front pocket of a pair of pants or shorts. 

3. Everyday carry knife slips

The current trend toward everyday carry items means that a leather lover’s Easter basket wouldn’t be complete without a nod toward EDC. 

A good knife is a useful EDC tool. From slicing open packages to cutting someone free from a seat belt in an emergency, there are countless ways EDC knives can come in handy. 

leather knife slip is a beautiful way to keep EDC knives safe and secure, and makes for a pragmatic Easter gift idea. 

Leather EDC Knife Slip

4. DIY leathercraft kits

If you’re looking for a hands-on, fun activity to give to a leather craft enthusiast in your life, look no further than our DIY leathercraft kits. People who love the smell and feel of leather will enjoy being able to work with this unique medium and appreciate the effort that goes into crafting the perfect item.


Each kit comes with beautiful, pre-cut leather, thread, and needles, perfect for picking up leatherworking and practicing the artform at home. 

5. Belts

Tucked-in shirts, unmarred by sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets, ensure that belts are on display throughout spring and summer. 

There’s no better way to kickstart the season than with a gorgeous leather belt, complete with the natural whirls and swirls of the animal hide and that earthy all-leather scent. 

Our leather belts come in a variety of gorgeous neutral tones and are paired with minimalist, solid brass buckles. 

The best part is that the more they’re worn, the better these belts fit, and the more comfortable they are for the wearer. 

Holding a Natural Full Grain Belt

6. Cord wraps

If you’re looking for a gift small enough to tuck into a traditional Easter egg, enjoy our cord wraps. This accessory makes it easy to travel with a pair of headphones without worrying that they’ll get tangled en route. 

Whether you’re shopping for a frequent flier or a teenager who throws their cords into the bottom of their backpack, this practical leather present will be such a hit, they’ll want a dozen of them. 

7. Coasters

If you’re shopping for someone who loves all natural materials and appreciates quality, there’s a good chance that they have all-natural wood in their home that they want to keep protected. 

Leather coasters enhance homespun interior design vibes while also keeping moisture from seeping into furniture. 

Leather coasters are absorbent in nature. Over time, as they soak up more water, they’ll develop a gorgeous patina that will serve to enhance their natural beauty. 

8. Leather scrub and balm

For people who really appreciate leather goods, the ability to protect their investments is a gift from above. Leather scrub and balm is a great option for these leather enthusiasts. These items make it easy to clean high-quality leather items and preserve their appearance for years to come. 

If the person you’re shopping for has any heritage-quality pieces they’re hoping will last their lifetime, this is the perfect Easter gift for them! 

9. Air fresheners

True leather connoisseurs appreciate the look of leather as it ages over time. Our stylish air fresheners are perfect for hanging on a rear view mirror. 

As time passes, the owner of this unique gift can enjoy watching their leather air freshener age and develop a unique look. They’ll be riding in style and showcasing their love of leather at the same time. 

10. Keychains

Keys are another great EDC item. Most people can’t get through the day without their keys on hand. Quality leather keychains make a great gift for this reason. 

Choose to carry keys by the keychain or attach them to the strap on a bag so they never get lost again. Either way, these fashion-forward keychains will showcase a minimalist, practical style that the leather lover in your life is sure to love. 

Personalize Easter baskets with the right gifts for your leather craft lover

Personalizing Easter baskets for your recipients reduces environmental waste and ensures that the gifts you give will actually be used. Popov Leather offers a variety of beautiful home goods and accessories made with top grain Chromexcel leather. 

Say goodbye to generic holiday gifts and surprise the leather craft lover in your life with an Easter basket that they’ll remember for years to come. 

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