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A durable iPhone 14 Pro leather case is a worthwhile investment; it gives your phone the protection it deserves and will keep it in pristine condition for years. Therefore, picking the perfect case is a task you can’t take lightly.

For starters, you need a long-lasting case, otherwise replacing your case every 3 months is going to be a pain. Not only will it strain your budget, but it’ll also get tiring after a few rounds.

Again, you require a leather case that will not impede your ability to charge the phone easily. But most importantly, it should be made of high-quality full-grain leather.

Though there may be several slim, rugged, transparent, and flip cases to choose from, nothing beats the look, touch, and feel of a premium leather iPhone case.

Below is a table showing our top leather cases for your iPhone 14 Pro.

Our Top iPhone 14 Pro Leather Cases

#1 Best for Relaxed Professional Settings #2 Best for Professional Settings #3 Best for Casual Settings
Heritage Brown iPhone 14 Leather Case Black iPhone 14 Leather Case English Tan iPhone 14 Leather Case
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heritage Brown iPhone 14 Leather Case
Black iPhone 14 Leather Case
English Tan iPhone 14 Leather Case

What makes it perfect:

  • So durable we offer a lifetime warranty if damage occurs due to faults in our craftsmanship
  • Made using USA full-grain leather
  • Conveniently charge iPhone easily with MagSafe and wireless charging compatibility

What makes it perfect:

  • Contains a microfiber liner which prevents scratches
  • Provides shock-absorbing capabilities through the Full TPU bumper case
  • Can easily charge your phone with MagSafe and wireless charging compatibility

What makes it perfect:

  • Durable because we use hand-sewn Tiger thread
  • Made using full-grain leather that will develop a patina
  • It’s compatible with Apple MagSafe chargers and features a built-in magnetic charging ring

Leather cases are the crème de la crème of phone cases. They’re:

Extremely Durable

Leather is one of the strongest materials available, superior to plastic, rubber, and silicone.

There are various types of leather including full-grain leather, top-grain leather, and bonded leather. 

At Popov Leather, we use full-grain leather which comes from the hide’s top layer and contains the full, natural grain. 

The topmost layer of the hide contains the strongest fibers as it has been exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

Usually, no sanding is done to this leather so it retains its character—scars and scratches—and strength, to provide the best protection for your iPhone 14 Pro.

Superior Insulators

Unlike other materials (like plastic) that retain heat, leather is breathable.

This is really good because the breathability ventilates the heat away from your phone allowing it to maintain a comfortable heat. This way, you can play a game or watch a movie without your phone overheating.

Stylish and Elegant

Our leather cases give your iPhone a classy, high-end look. Because they’re made from full-grain leather with all its imperfections, no case looks like the other.

At first glance, you get a product that’s unique to you. Being stylish is having a unique way to express yourself. This is certainly harder to achieve using a silicone or plastic case that often looks similar to one another.

Let’s talk about the markers of elegance. In this case, the phone cover must use earth tones like browns, grays, and other muted shades. That’s our whole aesthetic at Popov Leather.

Our iPhone cases come in the colors Black, English Tan, Heritage Brown, and Natural. They’re different and uncommon.

Plus, you can add personalization elements like initials, names, or dates that have special meaning to you. Elegance in the bag, anyone?

Here’s a table showing elegant cases that would look really stylish on your phone:

Leather Iphone 14pro - Black


Leather Iphone 14pro - English Tan

English Tan

Leather Iphone 14pro - Heritage brown

Heritage Brown

Leather Iphone 14pro - Natural


Not all leather iPhone cases are the same. Some are made with faux leather that peels off within a year or two of regular use.

Furthermore, others aren’t compatible with Apple’s MagSafe technology—a vital feature of the iPhone 14 Pro.

So if you’re in the market for a leather case for your iPhone 14 Pro, these tips will help you pick the perfect one.

magsafe cases have several benefits

Tip 1 - It Must Be Compatible With Apple’s MagSafe Technology

Today, convenience is the name of the game and Apple has ensured you enjoy unreal convenience through MagSafe charging. In short, it allows faster and wireless charging by snapping a MagSafe charger onto the back of your iPhone. Easy peasy.

Unless…you have a phone case that’s NOT MagSafe-compatible. Then you can’t enjoy the convenience of wireless charging.

Here’s exactly how and what makes it work: The iPhone has 18 magnets attached to its charging coil, using Qi wireless charging technology. This lets chargers and accessories like magnetic wallets snap and stay physically connected to your phone.

But this is only possible with a MagSafe-compatible case

Heritage Brown MagSafe-Compatible iPhone 13 Leather Case
Heritage Brown MagSafe-Compatible iPhone 13 Leather Case​​

Unlike regular leather cases, MagSafe cases have a ring of built-in magnets that enable them to directly snap into the back of your iPhone 14 Pro.

All of Popov’s leather iPhone cases are MagSafe-compatible and include built-in magnetic charging rings. You can charge your phone easily with MagSafe.

"This is a very nice and practical case … The MagSafe charging works very well."

Hugues Richard, Leather iPhone Case Verified Buyer

leather case with magsafe

Tip 2 - Ensure It’s Made With Full-Grain Leather

What good is a leather iPhone case that falls apart after a few months? Get one that’s made using full-grain leather. It will outlast you.

We know this to be true and believe so strongly about it that we provide a lifetime warranty for our products.

Unfortunately, today's leather industry sees many faux leather manufacturers targeting unsuspecting customers who struggle to distinguish between real and fake leather.

Not all iPhone 14 Pro leather cases labeled “genuine leather” or “top-grain leather” are made from real leather. Some use artificial leather, and they will start to peel, crack, or bend over time. Neither will they develop a beautiful patina.

If you want the highest quality leather products, you should know some common leather terms, especially when it comes to different leather grades.

Below is a table comparing the texture, durability, and cost of different leather types.

Type of Leather Texture & Feel Durability Cost Range
Full-Grain Looks grainy but is smooth to the touch Highly durable; a case made from full-grain leather will develop a patina and last you a lifetime High end; due to premium quality and longevity
Top-Grain Smoother, more uniform appearance because of the sanding and buffing process It’s less durable than full-grain leather. It doesn’t develop a patina when it ages Mid to high range; balances quality and affordability
Genuine Leather It has a soft, flexible feel; often thinner and less consistent in texture as it’s made from split grain and is sometimes mixed with artificial materials It wears quickly. It’s prone to scratches over time Generally affordable; price varies with treatment and finishing
Suede Has a soft and velvety texture Less durable than genuine leather. It’s not water-resistant It varies; often mid-range, depending on the quality and treatment

Learn More: The Ultimate Guide to Leather Grades

Your classic iPhone 14 Pro deserves exceptional treatment, which only the best full-grain leather case can offer. The older it gets, the stronger it becomes, and the softer it feels.

Truly, spotting an iPhone case made with real, full-grain leather is not easy for the average customer. But with these three tips, you’ll undeniably be a few steps ahead:

  • Smell the case: Real leather has an unmistakable mildearthy smell that results from its tanning process. This distinctive smell is far from the plastic or chemical-like smell of its faux leather counterparts.
  • Observe its texture: Full-grain leather is soft and supple to the touch, unlike leather imitations, which often have a hard, plastic feel.
  • The price speaks volumes: Full-grain leather goes through an intense manufacturing process which makes it costly, while faux leather is made using cheap synthetic materials and scrap leather that are easily available.
full-grain iPhone 14 Pro leather cases
F​​ull-grain iPhone 14 Pro leather cases

Popov Leather products are made using USA full-grain leather, a premium leather that’s highly durable and develops a rich patina over time. 

Pro Tip: Lower Quality Leather Can Affect MagSafe Compatibility

Lower-quality leather, often referred to as “genuine leather” or “bonded leather” can sometimes interfere with the transferral of energy to your phone.

When I was doing my own research with manufacturers I learned that inconsistent manufacturing processes produced “genuine” and bonded leather in wildly different thickness and density levels.

In fact, Apple has stated that if the thickness of the leather is more than 2.1mm or over 0.95 grams per cubic centimeter, then it's likely that charging will be disrupted. 

Density plays a lesser role than thickness but still needs to be factored into your decision-making process.

"... The leather feels nice and the stitching is really good quality. The case is nice and flexible without being flimsy ..."

Amanda Euerby, Leather iPhone Case Verified Buyer

Tip 3 - Choose a Sturdy and Durable iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case

For the full protection of your new iPhone 14 Pro, you’ll need two main accessories: a screen protector and a sturdy iPhone case. 

Of course, you’ll want the best screen protector, such as Popov Leather’s iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector.

It’s highly sensitive to the touch, made from durable, ultra-clear 9H tempered glass, and has an easy-to-wipe oleophobic coating. 

Say goodbye to those unsightly fingerprint smudges.

Similarly, you’ll want the most durable, comfortable, and well-fitting leather case—not one that easily breaks or scratches.

woman holding an iPhone 14 with leather case
W​​oman holding an iPhone 14 with leather case

This makes our full-grain leather iPhone 14 Pro cases the best accessories for protecting your phone from accidental falls and daily wear and tear.

They’re thick enough to absorb the impact should you accidentally drop your phone and also include:

  • Hand-sewn durable tiger thread so you can be sure it'll never fall apart
  • Full thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bumper case. TPU is made using plastic so it's elastic and resistant to liquids
  • A polycarbonate body. Polycarbonate is harder and more rigid than TPU so it provides more protection in case you drop your phone
  • Raised protective ridges around the camera and phone body. Only the best protection for your iPhone 14 pro
  • A soft microfiber liner that reduces the risk of getting scratches on your phone

Leather Cases vs Silicone Cases: Which Is Better?

A good number of shoppers get torn between buying a leather case and a silicone case for their iPhone. After all, Apple sells them both.

Both cases protect your iPhone, but the degree of protection varies.

Silicone cases, for instance, will easily crack after a hard fall as they aren’t strong enough to withstand such impact. But leather cases are great shock absorbers and are thick enough to absorb the harshest falls.

Several other differences include:

  • Durability: Silicone cases can tear from minor scratches (and tears keep growing) while our iPhone leather cases can withstand scratches
  • Quality: Silicone cases have a rubbery feel which can crack easily when bent whereas our iPhone leather cases have full-grain strength, meaning they don’t crack
  • Design: The rubbery feel and look of silicone cases is cheap and common whereas leather cases look and feel luxe and are exclusive

It’s easier than ever to make an informed choice about which phone case will best suit your iPhone 14 Pro.

Think about it: Would you rather spend a few more dollars on a solid iPhone 14 Pro leather case and save your $1000+ gadget, or pay $500+ to crack its screen?

Get a case made specifically for you.

Every leather product we make is made-to-order.

From the time we receive your iPhone 14 Pro leather case order, we begin to cut full-grain leather, hand-sew the tiger thread, and complete the finishing touches. You'll get a phone case that's carefully crafted to last you a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a leather case affect wireless charging on the iPhone 14 Pro?

No. Most high-quality leather cases are designed to be compatible with wireless charging.

The Popov Leather iPhone 14 Pro leather case includes a built-in magnetic charging ring. Each magnet aligns perfectly with the magnets in the MagSafe charger. You will end up with a stable connection when the two sides come into contact.

Without true alignment, your phone won't receive the maximum amount of energy transference possible, and this is the risk you take with lower-quality iPhone leather cases.

Are there cutouts in the leather case for easy access to ports and buttons?

Yes. Our leather cases are all designed with precise cutouts so you can easily jam your cords into the ports.

Likewise, cutouts are shaped and contoured around the iPhone's buttons and camera bay.

As Steve Chenoweth, Macedon USA, commented “Fit and finish is excellent.” Thanks Steve!

Battery leather cases - do I need one?

No, you don’t need a battery leather case.

Battery cases come with a built-in battery that makes them heavy, bulky, and certainly not aesthetically pleasing. 

Above all, what you need is a case that’s compatible with the Apple MagSafe charger which offers up to 15W of wireless charging power—the fastest wireless charging speed for an iPhone.

Can I customize my iPhone 14 Pro leather case?

Yes, we can laser-engrave your initials, name, or a special date on your leather case upon request. Our engraving is permanent and will never fadeContact our team to get started.

Get only the best protection for your iPhone 14 Pro with Popov Leather cases. You’ll understand why 100% of clients who got the case in Heritage Brown and English Tan gave us a 5-star rating. 

Authors Note: Updated article on 29th December 2023 to add in comparison for the different types of leathers that could be suitable for an iPhone case.

Article by Ryan Popoff

Ryan Popoff is the creative mind behind Popov Leather wallets, iPhone cases, belts, watch bands and journals since 2013. With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, my leatherworking journey began at home. I wanted to create a simple leather wallet that could fit into my front pocket and — to my delight — it was a hit with family and friends. Hopefully you love our honest, quality leather goods too! Reach out with questions.

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