Why Do I Use a Front-Pocket Wallet?

If you've poked around my website, you'll have noticed that I offer an entire selection of front-pocket wallets, as well as four-or-five card wallets that have a minimalist style so that they can be carried in the front pocket comfortably. Personally, I love front-pocket wallets, which is why I'm sure to offer a variety of styles. If you've never tried a front-pocket wallet, you may wonder at the benefits of switching from carrying your wallet in your back pocket to carrying your wallet in your front pocket. Let's go over the three biggest benefits of front-pocket wallets: Comfort, accessibility, and security.


I've never been fond of carrying my wallet in my back pocket for one simple reason: I don't find it comfortable. Who wants to be reminded of their wallet every time they take a seat? Traditional wallets are thick and cumbersome, especially noticeable during long car rides. Because they have to fit in your smaller front pocket, front-pocket wallets are designed with minimalism in mind. This means that not only are you not sitting on them every time you sit down, but they're slimmer than traditional wallets to begin with.


If you've ever driven through a toll booth or drive-through window with your wallet in your back pocket, you're familiar with the unique maneuvering that accompanies fishing your wallet out of your pocket while belted into your seat. Front-pocket wallets are more accessible than rear-pocket wallets, whatever your position may be.


Pickpockets are a real concern, especially in cities. Keeping your wallet in your back pocket make it easily accessible to pickpockets. Your rear end is cushioned to protect you in case you fall. Unfortunately, this means it can be desensitized to movement in the pocket, which is a thief's dream. If you keep your wallet in your front pocket, on the other hand, you may be more sensitive to its movement, and would be more likely to see your thief than if they stole from behind you. It's also easy to tuck your hand into your pocket on a crowded street, protecting your wallet as you walk without looking out-of-place.

Although rear-pocket wallets have their place, especially if you have a lot of cards and a minimalist design doesn't work for you, front-pocket wallets are increasing in popularity due to their comfort, accessibility, and security. They're especially convenient to use when traveling or spending a lot of time in a city.

What do you think? Do you prefer a front-pocket wallet or a back-pocket wallet?