4 Functional Reasons You Should Own a Wide Leather Belt

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Whether it's for environmental reasons or financially driven, or the realization that life is about more than the things we own, minimalism has become the "in" thing.

With its focus on necessity over desire, quality over quantity, and function over fashion, minimalism has many of us paring down our wardrobes and cleaning out our closets.

And when everything you keep has to justify its existence in your minimalistic world, you may be wondering why you should bother to have more than one belt. All it does is hold your pants up and you can only wear one at a time, right?

Most men realize the need for a dress belt—thin, stylish, high-quality leather—for wearing to work, on dates, and when you want to have a bit of that GQ flair. So what's the point in having a wide leather belt, too? Why does it matter?

That's the question we aim to answer today with this article. By the time I'm through, you'll know why you should own a wide casual belt for everyday wear. I'll also show you several of our high-quality wide leather belts, just in case you don't have one now.

Before we begin, I'd like to point out that my answers to the question "why?" are in the order of what I consider most important. I want my customers looking their best and feeling good about themselves, too. That's what this is really all about.

1 - A Wide Leather Belt Keeps You Looking Neat, Even When You Don't Care About Looks

Ideally, you should wear a belt with any pants or shorts that have belt loops. That's why stylists recommend a man own, at minimum, four belts. They should be:

  • Two formal, high-quality leather dress belts, one in black and one in brown.
  • A wide, casual, plain high-quality leather belt in either black or brown.
  • A canvas or fabric belt in white, blue, black, or other dark color.

Wearing—or not wearing—the "wrong" belt with the "wrong" pants or trousers may not be something you think about, but others notice, particularly when you don't wear one. Especially boss-types and, ahem, the ladies. Exactly the people you want to impress, right? 

Let's go over a few belt-wearing fashion "rules" the fashion-conscious guy should follow. I've put them in a neat little table for you, below.

Type Of Belt What To Wear It With
Dress or formal belt
  • Dress pants and trousers
  • When wearing a suit, jacket, or blazer, regardless of pants
Wide casual belt
  • Jeans
  • Cargo pants
  • Khakis and chinos
  • Linen trousers
Canvas or fabric belt
  • Canvas shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Outfits all in one color (belt can either match or contrast)

When you wear your cargos or jeans without a wide leather belt, it sends the message that you don't care about your looks or the impression you're making. It can make you look sloppy instead of casual. And that doesn't look good on anyone.

Let's go over a few more "rules" for belt wearing, so you always look your best whether you intend to or not.

  1. Never wear a black belt with brown pants. Brown with black is fine as long as the shoes are also brown.
  2. Always wear a brown belt with grey pants, unless you are wearing monochrome shades of black, white, and grey together, and then go with a black one.
  3. Your belt should fit in your belt loops without too much fabric showing on either side. It should never be so snug in the loops that it won't move easily through them.
  4. Tuck your shirt in whenever you wear a formal or dress belt. Tucking is optional with either of your casual belts.
  5. Choose a darker leather finish like black or Heritage brown when wearing loud or bright colors. 
  6. Canvas and fabric belts would be wider for casual wear and thinner for dressier occasions.

Lastly, make sure your belt is the proper length for the best fit. Here's our video to show you how to measure for the perfect fit.

Follow these simple guidelines, and no matter what the occasion or your wardrobe, your belt choice will keep you looking neat and tidy. And that is a look that looks good on everyone.

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2 - Wide Leather Belts Are Made to Last

Most dress and formal belts are made of thinner leather. They aren't really meant to withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday use. That's one reason most businessmen and the "suits" type of guy almost always has more than one in his closet.

Most casual wide leather belts are made of stronger, thicker, sterner stuff. They can handle the daily grind for years, and still look good at the end of the day. 

We make our leather belts with thick 9 oz. HorweenⓇ leather. As one of our customers, Anthony S. says, 

"This is definitely a lifetime belt, you could pass this down to grandkids."

Anthony S. ★★★★★ Verified Reviewer

Which brings me to my next point….

3 - A Good Quality Wide Leather Belt Can Save You Money

Buying a high-quality leather belt of any size is an investment in yourself and your wardrobe.

Unlike cheap department store vinyl belts, leather belts are made to last. Even dress belts will last for years if properly cared for. 

You can spend a hundred or so dollars once in a lifetime, or spend half that every other year on those imitation belts. The obvious choice for me is to spend a bit more once or twice in a lifetime, but hey, I'm a leather guy at heart.

4 - You Can Add More Personality To Your Style With a Wide Leather Belt

Casual doesn't have to mean dull or boring. Just because you're in jeans and a plain black t-shirt doesn't mean you can't add a personal touch or two to your look. 

Wide leather belts can do so much more than just hold your pants up and make you look good. They also provide you with several ways to accessorize that otherwise plain pair of blue jeans or cargo pants. Try one of these:

  • A long wallet with secure brass chain and snap-close belt loop
  • A phone holster
  • A "statement" belt buckle
  • A clip-on watch
  • A utility knife in a pouch (please wear responsibly)

Your wide casual belt becomes a true fashion accessory, enabling you to show off a bit of personality and personal style in ways that a dress or formal belt could never do. Don't believe me? Ever seen a Porsche with a bumper sticker? Neither have I.

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Why You Should Buy Your Next Wide Leather Belt From Us

For me, the answer to this one is even easier and simpler than the answer to why you should own a wide leather belt for casual wear.

We are a great company that manufactures great products. It's that simple. And yet it's rather complex, too. Simple in that that's who we are. Complex because of how we get that way. 

Popov Leather:

  • Is a small, family-owned and run workshop of local artisans
  • Is based in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
  • Is so dedicated to quality, we give a lifetime guarantee on every product we make
  • Uses only USA full-grain leather, made to get better over time like fine wine, and not fall apart like cheap imitations
  • Custom makes every order
  • Is invested in customer relationships, creating life-long customers through our honesty, consistency, and accountability
  • Continuously innovates and evolves to meet the expectations of our customers
  • Is committed to our local community and our global family of customers

Popov Leather grew from my dining room table as a hobby in leather working to a vibrant and talented crew of 20. So when I say that we won't sell anything I wouldn't buy, you can believe it.

Visit our collection of wide leather belts today. Your wardrobe will thank you for the useful, functional addition. 

Written by Ryan Popoff

Ryan Popoff is the creative mind behind Popov Leather wallets, iPhone cases, belts, watch bands and journals since 2013. With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, my leatherworking journey began at home. I wanted to create a simple leather wallet that could fit into my front pocket and — to my delight — it was a hit with family and friends. Hopefully you love our honest, quality leather goods too! Reach out with questions.

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